Medicine before and The Day After


 I wish all to know of the wonderful medicine recently discovered by our founder and researched by myself and found to be simply amazing. It is known as the miricle mineral suplement or MMS for short. It is a easy to use, cheap cost and an effective means of fighting infections now and in a historic world later when Walgreens is permenately closed for business. It stores safely and can be obtained anywhere online or at your local vitiman store.Please refer to "" for more answers and proper doses.
 Also dont forget to catch the terrific survival videos produced by our founder Marshall Masters, as a former SEAL and federal bodygaurd I continued to learn more from Marshall Masters than from 10 of my former instructors..Check Marshall out at it all free so dont hesitate and get left behind.  You'll Thank Me Later...Glenn 8)
 P.S. Spread the word... time is almost out... 800+ and counting :o


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