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BP Static Kill Has Failed


Just when you thought there has been enough bad news for a while.  This is bad folks.  Methane is building under this disaster with sea bed rises and collapses and nasty seepage. --Marshall

BP well pressure test indicates static kill failure: Is BP avoiding the relief well?

The latest round of verbal gymnastics coming from BP is hard to decipher. But regardless of how the words are framed, the conclusion is the same. BP

So either there cement well head will fail and we will be back at square one or a weaker part of the ocean floor will erupt either just letting oil escape uncontrollably in a way much harder to capture, or it will make the ocean floor collapse, causing massive flooding and severe damage to the worlds oceans on an environmental scale not imagined...... and this is all with out any difference in our gravitational pulls form extra-planetary forces.... wonder how it will all be affected, or if at least privately they take such factors into there planning?


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