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We have created a new YouTube channel for viral re-posting of videos we believe to be of importance to our ongoing research efforts at:

For those of you with a YouTube account, please be sure to subscribe to this channel for notices of new videos as they become available. 

Our principal channel, will not be used for this purpose as that would subject it to potential TOS actions against viral videos posted by other Youtubers. 


Dear Subscribers: We've posted a new alert message as of 8-August-2010.  Please login at: to read the message. 

In the future, these alerts will noted on the home page.

TO NON-SUBSCRIBERS: Your interest in our work is greatly appreciated and we're sorry for any inconvenience.  We're posting this first alert announcement for the benefit of subscribers on this list as they also monitorit for article and CTTC interview announcements.   

Alfred Williams:
This coincides with the earthquake Aug 2{{:>/

How do you susbscribe to get the alert message?

When new videos are added, they'll be announced on this board and at

If you have a YouTube channel account, you can subscribe for updates to any channel you've subscribed to. 

Best, Marshall

Thanks for responding Marshall,

I subscribed to the youtube channel but every time I click the alert link youtube video, it asks for a username and password.  I am a little confused as to what username and password it is requesting from me.  Can you give me any advice?



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