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Author Topic: Aztec Calendar and 2012 The Sixth Sun  (Read 4783 times)


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Aztec Calendar and 2012 The Sixth Sun
« on: September 06, 2010, 11:53:15 AM »
Interesting. There is a bible scripture talking about something like this. Something about people will run in fear and hide under rocks. The heavens will shaken, and stars will fall. I wonder if there could be a correlation made between a massive solar storm and the biblical prophecy. I know the Quran also has something in it that indicates the sky folding up like a scroll. Would our magnetosphere nearly vaporize?
8The fourth angel poured his bowl on the sun. The sun was allowed to burn people with fire. 9They were severely burned. They cursed the name of God, who has the authority over these plagues. They would not change the way they think and act and give him glory.
Ancient Wisdom Teachings

Aztec Calendar and 2012 The Sixth Sun

From Thread: 2012 Warning from an 350 year old Cross.
Posted by ChemBreather, on August 25, 2009 at 11:15 GMT

There is in my mind some thing sinister going on.
It is either an planned mass-depopulation agenda going on with an 'staged' global catastophe like poleshift or some thing along those lines.
Or, it is going to be something along those lines by natural forces..

The R.C.'s obviously goes to great lenghts in telling us that change is coming and it does involve a lot of bad news, or good news depending on how you look at changes in terms of ascention etc...

The RosiCruitians dates back many thousands of years, they are practicng ancient egyptic alchemy and havesecrets from the very pharaohs of egypt them selfs.

In my opinion, they have what it takes to create pandemics and unleash it upon the world, like theSwineFlu and other diseases that keeps the population at bay.

The Cross
Within the heart of the city you will find The Church of St. Vincent. In the courtyard of St. Vincent’sChurch you will find a stone cross, resting atop a large and intricately ornamented pedestal. (See Figure 3). This cross is said to have been constructed sometime in the mid 1600s, location unknown butlikely in modern day Germany, and was moved to its current home in Hendaye in the early to mid-1800s. The creation and transportation of the Cross at Hendaye is rumored to have been financed by the ancientChristian society known as “The Rosicrucians.” The Cross sits today hardly garnering second glances byall the passersby, but there are some who believe that this cross—The Cross at Hendaye—contains both secrets and warnings.

At first glance, the monument divides itself into three basic components: (1) the upper cross (which is atraditional Greek Cross), (2) the column or pillar, and (3) the pedestal base. However, upon closerinspection each one of these areas is further subdivided into its own components. To wit, the uppercross has three symbolic components, the pillar is its own symbol and the base has four symbols for atotal of eight symbolic images; each of these components will be discussed more fully below. However, itis critical to keep in mind that The Cross at Hendaye is a paradigm for synergy. That is to say, thewhole is greater than the sum of the parts on their own. In other words, we can think of the entiremonument as a schematic of the philosopher's stone.

The upper cross's three symbolic components are: (1) the traditional description of INRI on the top ofthe cross, (2) two double “X” markings, and (3) an oddly broken Latin inscription that reads:


These symbols offer us three inter-related meaning systems, which, when taken together, give us the keyto understanding the entire process symbolized and embodied by the monument.

(See first Fig.)
The pillar offers us a unifying image that cuts across all scales of interpretation. The pillar is thusa “link,” bonding each element of the Cross together and explaining to the viewer that each portion ofthe Cross is to be considered not alone, but in conjunction with the remaining portions of the Cross.The pillar is the bond that reminds us “this Cross is a single entity, its meaning is not to beinterpreted based solely upon the consideration of one of its elements to the exclusion of the others.”

Figure shows the pedestal base with its unique oval quarted by a cross with teh four "A"s engravedthereon :

Figure shows detail of all four sides of the base pedestal .
The four symbols engraved upon the base must be taken as a unit, one in which the order and meaning ofthe symbolic components are constant. The images on the base are, starting with the eastern most side andgoing counter-clockwise:

1) an eight-rayed star-burst,

2) an oddly shaped half moon with an eye spot,

3) an angry sun face with bulging spiral eyes, dumb-bell shaped mouth and prominent chin. The face ofthis Sun is framed by 16 large spikes and 16 smaller spikes inside a containing outer circle. The Sunitself is surrounded by four stars, placed in the corners of the rectangle and tilted so that theirdiagonal axis continues through the center point of the Sun face, effectively drawing a Galactic Crossthrough the Sun. As discussed below, this is critical. And,

4) an oval that fills the entire space of the rectangle which is quartered by a cross. This oval hasfour capital letter “A”s in it, with one A on each side of the arms of the cross. The A's are unusual inthat they have a sharply angled cross bar nestled in the top angle of each A, rather than the usualhorizontal cross bar.

Fulcanelli and His Role in Deciphering the Cross at Hendaye

The real identity of Fulcanelli remains shrouded in mystery. Fulcanelli (believed to have lived from1839--1953) is almost certainly a pseudonym assumed in the late 19th century by a French alchemist andesoteric author. He is also called the Master Alchemist. The appeal of Fulcanelli as a culturalphenomenon is partly due to the mystery that surrounds most aspects of his life and works; one of themore popular anecdotes about his life retells how his most devoted pupil, Eugène Canseliet, performed asuccessful transmutation of 100 grams of lead into gold in a laboratory of the gas works of Sarcelles atthe Georgi company. This transmutaton was said to have taken place in the presence of Jean-JulienChampagne and Gaston Sauvage. Fulcanelli then came to prominence in a French book called The Mystery ofthe Cathedrals, by Eugène Canseliet and Jean-Julien Champagne, published in 1926. It is in this bookthat the devoted disciples of Fulcanelli explain the Master Alchemist’s views on the Cross at Hendaye.

Fulcanelli’s Deciphering of the Upper Cross

As you will recall, the upper cross's three symbolic components are: (1) the traditional description of INRI on the top of the cross, (2) two double “X” markings, and (3) an oddly broken Latin inscription that reads:


The meaing of each of these will be dealt with in turn.

First, the “INRI” inscription. The reader will well know that “INRI” is an acronym of the Latin phrase IESVS·NAZARENVS·REX·IVDÆORVM, which translates to English as: “Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews.” However, we must remember that Fulcanelli was examining this Cross through the eyes of an alchemist. With this in mind we are placed firmly within the Rosicrucian Alchemical tradition; remember, the Rosicrucians are thought to have had a hand in the creation and establishment of the Cross at Hendaye. As Fulcanelli tells us, within the Rosicrucian Alchemical Tradition, the “INRI” inscription is more likely interpreted as one of the key maxims of alchemy: Igne Natura Renovatur Integra or “By fire nature is renewed whole.” Not only is this phrase important to alchemists, but do not forget dear reader that the Christian world in large part believes that “the end of the world” will be heralded in with the triumphant return of Jesus Christ and the wicked will burn in fire, and then the Earth will be renewed and made whole. (See, e.g., Revelations 17). Could it be that the inscription INRI that hung above the crucified Christ’s head was a tacit acknowledgement that He would return to destroy the world as we know it with fire, and make all things new? Many believe so.

Second, the Double “X”s. To the untrained eye, these markings are simply Xs. However, we must remember that all the parts of the Cross must be examined together. So, these two Xs on the upper Cross—firmly implanted on the symbol of Christ—are full of meaning. Number one, these two Xs symbolize that Christ is, as He is described in Revelation Chpts. 1, 21, 22, “Alpha and Omega,” or, in other words, “the beginning and the end.” Secondly, these two Xs are an effective reminder of the shape of an hourglass—the chief means of time keeping during the era when the Cross was created. What do these hourglasses mean? Fulcanelli believed them to mean several things: one, the time on “the world clock” was running short, even in the 1600’s. Two, the first X symbolizes the beginning of time, or the beginning of the world, and the second X symbolizes the end of time, or the end of the world. The beginning and the end for an alchemist are with fire; thus, Fulcanelli believed that the end would come by fire. Third, when examined in the context of the base symbology (discussed below), these two Xs symbolized the Galactic Cross, Galactic Alignment, and the time when they would occur; in other words, December 21, 2012.

Third, oddly broken Latin inscription that reads:


Here, it is easy to recognize the familiar phrase: O Crux Ave Spes Unica, which is translated as “Hail O Cross, the Only Hope.” Indeed this inscription is so common as to apparently render the Latin inscription common and of little interest. However, Fulcanelli noticed that this inscription is unique and important because of the misplaced S.

Fulcanelli called attention to the incorrect grammar in the second line. This seemingly “incorrect” grammar gives us the new meaning of the phrase as “measure of the 12th part.” Fulcanelli believed that there was no “mistake” in the grammar, but that the creator of the Cross wanted us to read “measure of the 12th part.” Why? Fulcanelli believed that this phrase is a clear reference to the cosmic cycles and alignments spelled out on the pedestal, the “measurement of the 12th part.”

Thanks, Joe


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