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Ed Douglas:
Good points  that you made, Carluccio. If you are not a person that owns weapons, nor cares to use any, it is best to try to find a group, that will do the defending, while you do things to help perpetuate the group. If you can't find a group anywhere near, you will be best cared for by getting away from large numbers of people, and finding someplace isolated, and stay there for a while.

whoa. A very deep subject. Spiritually speaking, we are here for a purpose. We are stuck in a body of 'clay' with our 5 senses
to experience the illusory world around us. The real task is to discover our Spirit from God.
Matthew 22:20-22
What is God's is our Spiritual energy and one that should focus on the 'Holy Spirit' and/or The Father, The Son, and the Holy
What is Caesars, in a cursory way of speaking; is things of the world.
As long as Truth and Justice and Righteousness is practiced in our day to day living then we should be blameless. And I speak
as a man not as a mouthpiece of God...........
The Bible also says; Matthew 16:24-28, That 'For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; and whosoever will lose his life for
MY SAKE shall find it.'
So, absolutely !, the question of whether to kill groups of people who come across your living area will be a difficult choice.
To meet the requirements of Truth and Justice and Righteousness I propose that Communities that are established in the
difficult years following worldwide destruction implement a plan........
This plan is to locate a facility AWAY from the established community that is STOCKED with provisions for any travelers
that may come your way. Put into it what you can spare. Those that come to you can replenish themselves and be on
their way if need be. And perhaps they may be carrying something that they do not need and they can leave it there.
I guess what I am trying to say is that compassion should come before the use of a Club. The world having been as it is
since the dawn of man; the club is often needed, as the stories of Gods Chosen People will attest to. Those 'parties' that
come past your community will make themselves known pretty easily if they are Good or Evil. Take your cue as you see it.
The road of man and the road of mans spirituality is difficult ! Peace all, David...

Ed Douglas:
That is what it all comes to; do you give up your religious beliefs, morals, and ethics, to survive physically, but surrendering the spiritual?  To help one of your children/wife, live? Nobody really knows how they will act, til they are in that situation, under those circumstances. How are you all gonna act?

Ed: In my fanciful childhood musings, I thought that I would like to be brave enough to allow myself to be martyred for my spiritual values (like Victor Mature and Jean Simmons in "The Robe," who held hands and faced the lions in the Roman Colliseum.)  But practicality takes over, and I'm pretty sure that as long as there is someone alive who needs me here, to help them and give them the gifts and benefits of my lifetime of experience, that I would be pretty quick to take up my stainless steel .44 Smith and Wesson and protect my turf and loved ones.  If that makes me a failure, spiritually, I have live with it;  to believe I'm being guided, and I have to do what my "instincts" tell me.

P.S. I'm a pretty darn good shot.

Ed Douglas:
May I call you Montana?haha  It is difficult to remember my spiritual beliefs and moral rules when some punk has a knife or gun to my wife's throat. Will I kill someone for a can of beans? Never. Someone trying to harm me or mine, isn't just wanting the beans. Did you know that if I hit him  with a head shot, he won't have the ability to pull the trigger, and worse for him, if he only has a knife. If someone comes up to you, and asks for food or water, I would find it hard to say no. David, morals and religion are not important compared to life if she didn't live, and I did.


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