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Ed Douglas:
In most military strategies, you like to be the superior force, with more men and equipment than your enemy. Sun Tzu had a different take on this. One of his many strategies, was if you were against a superior army, was to basically "trap" his own army. He would put them in a location, where there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. He discovered how to truly motivate his own army, and they would fight like mad men, and would overcome the enemy's army by making his men think they had "nothing to lose".  In life, there is nothing more dangerous, than someone that has nothing to lose. When you are in your place of survival, you will have to take this into account, if a traveler locates your place. If he decides he wants what you have, he will be like one of Sun Tzu's warriors. You won't be able to play nice. You will have to "take him out" without prejudice. Will you have the intestinal fortitude (guts) to do this?

 Ed, very well put. In those days we will find what lies within. Are we saints or are we demons? Light does not exist without dark. The most soft spoken person can change in the blink of an eye when faced with starvation or severe thurst. Sometimes I wonder if the worst case senario is that most survive. It could be very difficult to protect against hoards of starving people. If planning to save a large number of friends and family stealth becomes much more difficult. Back against the wall may be the only way.   Great post Ed.

Ed Douglas:
By the same token, if we have our backs against the wall, for survival, how far are we willing to go? Do our morals and ethics and religious beliefs get thrown out, because we feel we have no choice, and must do some things against our nature, to protect, and help, our loved ones survive? Will there be a total breakdown of humanity and a reversion to savagery? The book "The Lord of the Flies", shows how a plane full of choir boys, crashes on an island, with no surviving adults. Gradually, they resort to barbarian methods and survival of the fittest. Is this what will happen with those that survive the coming disasters? Or have we evolved enough to overcome those instinctive feelings, with reason and mental control of ourselves? These are many of the situations that we might face. Would you harm, or kill another human, to save your own children? Or, by the grace of the supreme being, will we show that we are civilized enough to ascend to a higher state of being? Wow, this is going to be one heck of a test for humanity. Thoughts?

One need not look very far to know what will happen when society breaks down, when law and order is no longer the way. Some of us will be civil,lots will help their neighbors, many will feel that what is yours is theirs, some will feel they are stronger and will try and take what they want. Rape, pillage and plunder will be a way of life for some! Many people don't have a clue how to feed themselves except by steeling from others. Look at any natural disaster and see how quickly society breaks down, and that happens when help is on the way, Imagine the wide spread total devastation caused by X. No help is on its way, the world and its people will turn savage very quickly, almost like throwing a light switch. Barbarians at the gate will have to be dealt with. We will have to learn to judge a book by its cover, hesitation will cost you or a loved one. One must be prepared, you will need food, water shelter, friends and family! You will have to defend your group, sticks and stone's will help, but you better have armament's and Lot's of ammo!   Bill

Ed and Bill,

This will be perhaps the toughest experience of all, even worse than big quakes in a sense.

The easiest (easiest in comparison to what is expected) scenario is a series of 2004 tsunamis and Chile 8.8 to 9.0 quakes hitting pseudo-randomly (along the rim of fire and in between tectonic plates). This will already be a nightmare, but locally disrupted help and social control will be supplied by farther allocated groups of helpers and order keepers. Small countries will be at their own, having nothing to be replaced in case of hit. Most inland cities in big countries will survive even unscathed. Country side will be almostpreserved.

The worst scenario IMO is enough destruction to disrupt most mechanisms of social control and helpers throughout a given country, with a fairly large percentage of population surviving in the big cities that will probably turn into savagery to go on surviving (either attacking or defending).

An almost total annihilation of the population in a very large area or country may not be the worst case scenario (in the sense we are debating) as there will be less critical mass to go savage.

If Earth is planned to enter a higher density in a short period of time, then almost total or total annihilation is the way out. Souls will be selected carefully to re-populate Earth then, and Earth will enter in what we could call paradise in comparison to today's problems. This, however precludes an incredible amount of suffering with really, really big geological and outer space events (meteors and meteorites) that will turn Earth as we know upside down, literally (pole shift and the like).
A much less suffering scenario for total annihilation will be a possible entering of Earth into a strong and unknown to us radiation field. I had already brought in here this possibility in one thread I cannot remember. A case of special viewing in the future by an abducted person (I cannot recall if he was abducted in an astral plane or in physicality) that were transported inside a flying vehicle that witnessed this event when a golden light came from the sky and liberated all souls in that given place (Brasilia DC, capital of Brazil) from their 3D body. It was clear that this was happening at the same time all over the world. Suffering would be reduced to great moments of fear and that is it.

This last scenario is way out of our hands and present knowledge. What remains is what you both mentioned: sudden havoc and mayhem. If we are not prone to use weaponry (as it is my case) the best thing to do is to leave everything behind and take your beloved ones with you and flee to the countryside toward a pre-chosen area close to relatives or trustful friends, to be part or start a small community as hidden as possible and low profile. Many thousands and perhaps millions will do the same, but if you figured out a good area to go then you have better chances. In case of the worst scenario (no helpers and order keepers), staying in the cities or big towns is to ask for certain trouble IMO.




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