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Study: Isabella Dam quake fault is active, very dangerous


Part of the Lake Isabella Dam is built directly on a fault that could create shaking stronger than the earthquake that devastated Haiti six months ago, according to a study scheduled to be released in September.

Such an earthquake could cause serious, perhaps complete, damage to Isabella's auxiliary dam. If the dam were full, a complete and sudden failure could send a wall of water down the Kern Canyon toward Bakersfield. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have kept water levels low for years to prevent such a disaster.

The Corps of Engineers has been studying the Kern Canyon Fault since before the dam was built in 1953. Engineers always knew it was there but believed it was dormant.

Two geologists from the California Institute of Technology say new evidence proves the fault is not dormant. In fact, they say, their study proves the fault is capable of cracking a quake of Magnitude 6.5 to 7.5. That

It's ironic. People in areas like that feel so safe, and they will be until the major earth changes start.
Hopefully the dam will be drained or there could be an information campaign for those living in the path
of the dam...
- Yowbarb


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