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Q Alliance and the Horror


The country is now in the post-Mueller nothing burger transition, and for the last two years, the Globalists and their media minions have expended considerable force and energy against President Trump.  Now that they’ve exhausted much of their political ammunition, they’re mostly fighting rearguard action until they can create another pointless national scandal.

Consequently, we now see the tide of battle beginning to turn in favor of the Trump administration and the Q Alliance as they take up offensive positions for what will be a lengthy series of powerful counterattacks over the coming years.  The eventual victory will be the end of the Central Banks and to achieve that victory, the Q Alliance must first eviscerate the wealth and power of the Globalists.

The most effective weapon the Q Alliance holds for achieving this goal is transparency, for it will show us all Americans the depravity of the Globalists.  I call it “the horror” and there will be a mountain of evidence about terrible depravities we cannot imagine.  Nonetheless, the Q Alliance must show the country these horrors if we are to break free of the Globalists once and for all.

If you think this will be a lengthy process of complex legal interpretations, hearings, and investigations, you’re right, but only half-right. The other half of the story is that the globalists can only be taken down when their depravity, the horror as I call it, is exposed and herein is the crux of the matter.


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