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2012 Precognition and The Five Stages of Catastrophism

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Road Warrior:
another great Vid . thanks  ;D

I have always been at #5 ..not sure why but that is just they it has been for me ..I just have fun now learning as much as I can and sharing with my wife and kids

glad to be here


When is the NExt vid...?

I'm sure in your day to day you come across some good crumbs, I do and I'm mostly @ home in Canada... I do attend a lot of "gatherings" of like minded folks but there not the kind to be ONLINE, I "freely and unedited" two of your vids and distributed them amongst the crowd and told them to pass them along or to show them in there own circles, and so Now I always get asked for more, I have directed some to You tube and some have kids, but I think they have found all they Y-tube has to offer... :-[


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