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Author Topic: More Apocalypse in the media - movies, books, news, documentaries, hints etc.  (Read 27590 times)


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More Apocalypse in the media - movies, books, news, documentaries, hints etc.
« Reply #30 on: November 17, 2009, 07:09:14 AM »
The Road Official Movie Trailer

The Road, starring Viggo Mortensen* and Robert Duvall.
Post apocalyptic movie set about 2029.
According to one you tube poster:
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This is a real oldie haven't seen it
"The Man from Planet X' made in 1951!


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The Man from Planet X movie trailer


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Images hinting at Planet X

This image is of the stage setting with a backdrop of: A large red object over
the ocean also the ocean has a wave it looks in the actual video like the ocean is coming up
This is from a tour in the UK of George Michaels and his group.

- Yowbarb


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Alex sent this to me, worthwhile.
- Yowbarb

barb - I thought you might like to read this article on the BBC.  No hard information as such, it shows more and more people
are coming to an awareness that something is going to happen.  I wonder if its because it's being publicised or whether people
have a "gut feeling"




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This just came in e-mail to me from*787457j-42e4df39   Reference

[start quote]
While we are on to our January 2011 issue (and working hard on February!), our annual predictions issue can still be purchased for $7.95 as a hard copy or $5.95 as a Digital Download. The Predictions 2011 & Beyond includes predictions from over 50 channels on wide ranging topics, including:

    * The Continuing Path to Ascension
    * The Shifting Economy
    * The 2012 Shift
    * Technology in the New Age
    * Energy and Climate Changes
    * Children
    * Health
    * Religion
    * ETs
    * Astrology
    * Geopolitics
    * And Much More! Purchase Predictions 2011 & Beyond here!

Time is Limited: This Offer is only good until Midnight, January 3rd!
[end quote]


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Whoever did the graphics for this is "saying something."
I also posted this in Planet X Flyby Music.
- Yowbarb

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