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« on: June 23, 2010, 12:28:21 PM »
Got an interesting email from Nick in the UK about Velikovsky.  We've tried to get a published Velikovsky researcher on the show, but they always flake out.  Still the same, there is merit in the work and shame in how this man was so brutally silenced by a science dogma witch hunt. --Marshall


To Marshall;

I am just listening, as a global subscriber to the /facsinating interview /with the anthropologist George Erikson. I have had to interrupt my listening to send this email. I am absolutely fascinated why neither you, marshal, nor George mention the work of  of Velikovsky in respect to the Mayan's obsession with Venus. just a smattering of reading is books will tell you, Venus was a comet, which interacted with Mars, taking its atmosphere, and Venus apparently, was a harbinger of Niburi or marduk, _*but Venus was  a comet,*_ which entered the solar system in marduks/niburu gravitational field and eventually was captured by our own sun becoming a solar planet. *but in doing so it wrecked havoc with our world*, and I believe the time frame given for this event was about 3600 years ago from the present time.  There have been several cycles of catastrophe associated with venus which is why its orbit was observed so avidly. I am  quite amazed in thus interview that velikovsky was never mentioned though I have  listen to the rest of it. anyhow back to the interview.....see if he is mentioned!!!!!

I am taking immense interest in this whole subject though retain a wide open mind neither subscribing to one or another theory at present.

very best wishes with the work , th Kolbrin is a truly beautiful book of immense wisdom ay j say,

best wishes,



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