Dead fish was seen in Andaman within Ranong fault


There was a strange phenomenon occurred in Andaman Ocean within Ranong Province, Southern of Thailand.
There found plenty of dead fish, mostly big fish, in the sea lying along Ranong fault, which is a part of Andaman Ocean.
People in that area said they'd never seen this phenomenon before in their life.  They expect earth quake will take place soon.
Here is a link from Thai PBS news station:!

In addition, scientists detected higher sea temperature above 30 degree celcius at 21 m below sea level.
Since there is plenty of mud they couldn't observe much.
They presumed that the fault line is active again. Ranong's fault line has never been active for several decades.

Regarding the dead fish, when they cut fish in half, they found some parts of the bones were missing.
The fish looked as normal, without any wound or cut was seen in the fish body.
They also tried to fry fish with oil, and found the meat's colour didn't change as usual. Its colour was still red ?
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Hello Icon and Linda,
         In my opinion, some part of the bones could be destroyed by acid. Sulfur dioxide gas released by sea volcano might be mxing with some chemicals in the sea, and transformed to sulfuric acid. This is just only my thought. Below here is the news in English :

Hot sea water in Andaman sea off shore from Ranong
News from Thailand Channel 7 reported an unusual phenomenon called "boiling sea water" off the coast of Ranong reported by fishermen where there were bubbling coming up from the Andaman sea floor and a large number of fish were found dead, some floating on the sea surface while bigger ones submerged to the sea bed.

There was an early speculation that it could be due to subterranean heat coming out from cracks on the sea bed.


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