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Encouraging video on purpose

I'm sure when viewing this on a Planet X site you may wonder why bother with a purpose, it's not like the future is very encouraging. Perhaps your purpose may be to prepare to enable yourself and others to survive. You may be the one that teaches others skills in a new and different world.  This may be the time for you to learn how to create options for survival and be there to show and teach.  I spoke with my son last night about skills, the ones that his elders knew about such as working on and repairing engines, building structures, and  using tools. He said his generation only knows computers and how to use electronic gadgets, both probably useless in a post Planet X world. Maybe you are being called or purpose driven to pass these skills along, or to learn them now so you may teach them in the future, this is truly a purpose in life. You possibly could have been directed to this site to acquire knowledge and pass it along or direct others to the resources they need to survive the future. None of us knows exactly how we fit into the scheme of things, but we step forward as we find our purpose, and each step takes us to where we need to go. Along the way we get to experience the joy of following our heart and fulfilling our mission here.


Ed Douglas:
Linda, I know there are a lot of children that know skills, but have you ever watched a cashier when the register's computer wasn't working? My fear is that we have become so dependent upon modern devices that we forget how to do the basic jobs in the first place. We are looking at the Xbox and Wii generation, not to mention ipods. The Amish should fare well.

Ed, no doubt the Amish will fare well. I'm sure as always throughout history there will be those that step forward with the knowledge needed, we are a survival species. re: the cash registers, it makes me think of phone numbers. Now that we can just scroll down and hit the call button to call someone, I never remember phone #s anymore. I used to know all the families numbers, now I know very few of them. :(


Linda that is a good point about the phone numbers. I have been encouraging some family to
try and have hard copy phone and addresses in their purses and vehicles... I got that little warning thought what if the only way to reach someone is by a pay phone on the side of the road it's not working much longer and the durned # is on some dead cell phone somewhere. What if 200 mph winds were expected in a few hours and you wanted to go pick up someone and take them to the family survival spot? Like I have a cousin a couple states over a bro a couple states up from me and so on. I couldn't tell you their phone numbers to save my soul.
We need to have printed out manuals, info, maps numbers and addresses... Just a sidenote, but it's an important point you bring up.

I was thinking it might also be a good idea after collecting the phone #s to have the pages laminated in case of water damage or flooding. You can actually buy laminating sheets at Office Max or Office Depot that work with your iron to seal them up.

Just a thought, since we never know what to expect.



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