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Planet X and Spiritual Christians


I was recently interviewed by Steve Olson of the Wormwood Systems Observations (WSO) YouTube Channel on March 23, 2016. During the two days following my interview I observed interesting feedback from those who follow my work, as well as those who follow Steve's. For me, it turned out to be an unexpected pivotal moment, and delightful one at that.

This is because I have contemplated who will become the predominant non-elitist survivor pool following the pole shift. About three years ago my analysis showed me that, statistically speaking, this pool will be dominated by spiritual thinkers. Furthermore, the largest demographic group within this survivor pool will be what I call spiritual Christians, for reasons I will detail later in this article. But for now, let's focus on the interview itself beginning with an email I received from a long-time supporter:

--- Quote ---"Just listened to your interview with Steve Olson! I loved that you two, with different core beliefs (Steve being a full, die-hard Christian), had an amazing conversation and we all learned. Awesome that you both were so respectful of each other.

I think you would really enjoy Steve Quayle and Tom Horn - you and those two - three brilliant men! Patty J."
--- End quote ---

With Patty's comments in mind, I've prepared the following playlist with the interview and three other videos I will discuss in this article.



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