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Dreams that are like flashbulbs or snapshots

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I have a hard time remembering my dreams, which sometimes go on and on with great detail. But I do remember those that are so real and vivid they wake me up.  A few nights ago I was awakened by a series of pistol shots. I knew they were from a pistol, not any other weapon. There was one shot, a pause, another shot, a pause, and then five or six shots in rapid succession.  I was amazed when I woke up that it had been a dream. I checked the clock in case it turned out to be real, and I might have to report it. Then last night, a blinding white explosion (I'm not sure what caused it), annihilated everything in my near proximity. I instantly knew it had killed me.  Then as things started to clear, I realized I wasn't dead. Half asleep, I tested my sense of touch, smell, etc., and started to look around at the effects of the explosion, and immediately woke fully. Again, I was amazed that it had been a dream. It was SO real. Why such violence? I believe that I'm by nature more a pacifist.

Pacifist.....maybe, try to listen to the messages from altered states of conciseness, like sleep. Ethereal, lower astral, and ultimately higher astral planes can be messages from your future. Listen to your intuition, aka inner voice. Start a dream journal. When you wake, write down what you remember as soon as you wake. The results may amaze you.

Thoughts and prayers to all;
Colin (osok)

Montanabarb these dreams are interesting ... I agree keep a dream journal.
- Yowbarb

Mine are so strange lately I feel I need to start writing down the few scraps of my dreams,
which are remembered. Mine also go on and on and I feel I need to remember them...

Another strange one; perhaps a result of my obsession with all things doom and gloomy:

I and several people (I think they were relatives and friends) were together in a central place, waiting for something.  One was a little boy about four years old, and everybody was watching him warily with sidelong glances and going about their visiting, chatting, and pretending to ignore him.  There were weapons around including a huge rusty shotgun almost as big as he was.  Suddenly I'd had enough of their behavior and I shouted at them, "I know how this is going to end!! He is going to kill us all! You have to get in a group, link hands and start praying, instead of just waiting for it to happen!  If we pray, the power of our minds can change this!" They all gave me very short "looks" like I was insane and went back to what they were doing, acting embarrassed.  I grabbed the rusty shotgun and opened it, and there were no shells in it.  So I realized that if I found all the shells and hid them, we'd all be safe.  I was looking for shells when I woke up.


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