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What measures have you taken to ensure survival in situation X?


What measures have you taken to ensure survival in situation X?

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Just out of curiosity, and for the benefit of people hoping to act soon, how prepared are you, and what measures have you already taken to ensure a safe wait through a disastrous situation or post apocalyptic aftermath?

Now, I know some people may not want to reveal their hidden cache or organized militia group hideout for obvious reasons. A simple answer and /or video would do fine.
Preparing for a sit x survival scenario involves far more than stocking up on food and water. The most important thing you can stock is your brain. Knowing what to do and when is paramount.

Everyone should know at the very least Basic first aid. Advanced first aid even better. I am a Certified Emergency Medical Tech although it is not my profession.

Water purification tablets are for short term use only. Long term use will make you sick. Better to get a Katadin Filter or similar if you feel the need to purify your water.

Katadyn Water Filter for SHTF Emergancy.

I avoid relying on electrical devices as they tend to fail when you need them most. I do have some electrical lighting, radios, etc., but they are secondary to the important things. Knowing how to start a fire without matches, and actually having put it to practice is far more valuable than a flashlight.

Everyone should have food set aside for emergencies. Even the govt. recommends a three months supply in the case of a bird flu pandemic. That is not an unreasonable amount if you plan well.
How To Start a Fire With a Battery

How To Start a Fire With a Battery

BoBs are a great idea, but, when it comes right down to it, what happens if you loose your BoB - a very likely possibility in moments of flight, fright or survival.

So - what you need, really need, is what you can carry with you in your head.

I truly believe knowledge is going to be what saves us.

In saying this it


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