maps of USA and world by I AM America

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Has anyone bought maps or tapes from "I AM America"?  (A search yielded no messages on that topic.)

This from the website::
ESTABLISHED IN 1989, I AM America publishes and distributes some of the most thought-provoking spiritual information you'll encounter - Earth Changes Prophecy. It is controversial and mind expanding, yet prophecy's ideal purpose reveals how our choices play a role in creating the world we experience. Much has changed since 1989 when Lori Toye and her children first rolled I AM America Maps at the kitchen table. Since her extraordinary dream of the Map in 1983, the Ascended Masters' prophetic message of change has been featured on NBC, FOX, UPN, The New York Times, Art Bell and London's Carolton Television. Don't let the name I AM America intimidate you. It is still just Lori and her husband Len, alongside a small, yet dedicated staff of volunteers that print and bind books, record audios and mail maps. As always, we are earnestly working to, "Send this message to the Earth with love."

I received a brochure from them today and am interested in the material, especially since it includes books and tapes on spiritual preparation as well as post-cataclysm maps.  But I can't afford to buy many items, if any at all, so I would appreciate any comments from anyone who has seen or heard some of the material.


good old - er new BING search engine has it:
I AM AMERICA   http://www.iamamerica.com/ 
I will be looking through the site. Thanks for posting.

- Yowbarb

Hopefully these pictures will show.  Years ago when the people from I AM America where on the Art Bell show, they created a link to their website with these enlarged images.  I grabbed them for myself.  Hopefully they will come through.  Obviously, I don't own the copyright and no violation is intended.  Just sharing with you for educational purposes.  Moderators can delete this post if this is some type of violation.

Alfred Williams:
Looks like wahanee is just north west of me I wonder if they have any clues to its exact location and what could it mean?

It's been a long time, but from what I vaguely remember, the names on the  maps are suppose to be some type of Vortexes or energy centers that will appear after the dust settles...If anyone finds out more details please share with the rest of us


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