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Planet X Dreams in New Zealand


Hi All:

Over the years I've received a continuous stream of e-mails and letters from folks all around the world, describing their dreams visions and premonitions.

An interesting one comes from a fellow by the name of Mike Griffiths from New Zealand. he has a YouTube channel where he demonstrates his dreams.

I contacted Mike and interviewed him for approximately 45 minutes, and asked him to prepare a summary of his dreams for us. Mike did that very well as you can see in his descriptions below.

I would have pursued this inquiry with him, however after sending me this description, he made a demand that is actually not all that unusual. "If we could include Jesus Christ and his message of salvation and him being the only road to God then there would be no problem, if not I can not go any further with this."

The problem here is channel filtering. The subject wants to share his dreams and visions, but insists on controlling how information is presented. For our purpose, that makes it unusable.

However, upon reflection I felt it would be a good idea to present this to you the members of this board so that you can actually watch his YouTube videos, read these descriptions and then draw your own conclusions.

Cheers, Marshall


Hi Marshall, here are the details of the 5 dreams highlighted in the YouTube videos hope this is help full.
Regards, Mike

Comet Impact 2002
This dream started where I was standing on a Rugby field in Waihi New Zealand a town on the east coast of the North Island.
I had this dream maybe late 2002 I do not have an approximate date.
It seemed the entire town was standing on the field at night time, the sky was clear and very starry. Every one seemed fixed sky ward to something I looked up into their direction and saw a large comet tracking across the sky, it was a bluish color and had a long tail, also there was no moon at the time and a lot of stars were visible. The comet made its way frame by frame toward a North to North Easterly direction of New Zealand until it sunk out of sight behind the mountain rangers behind the town. A small delay occurred but a sense of anticipation hung in the air. There was a sudden red flash over the horizon and a ear bursting clap of thunder, I realised that the comet had hit the Earth some where in the distance and this was the loudest most terrifying sound Id ever heard, the sound was so sharp and loud it shook my body.
At that moment a terror rushed through the crowd and they screamed and ran toward the shelter belt trees at the end of the field for protection I was running so fast I was nearly losing my footing as my body could not keep up properly, I had the impression a a large gust of wind from the impact zone was racing toward us at hurricane strength, I recall being so terrified I was confessing my sins and short falls to God as I ran, I felt that I could die right there at that moment.
I jumped over the fence at the end of the field and fell down a shallow bank and felt the wind gust barrel violently over my head. That next moment water streamed in from different directions, I knew it to be salty sea water I climbed onto a house porch and was helping others escape.
Nibiru Causes Global Flooding                                29th September 2007
In this dream I was driving toward Waihi and stopped abruptly as the road a head was covered in what I knew was the ocean. I saw two others a head of me had stopped just in time as well. I slammed on the brakes very hard. I knew from this dream the level of the ocean had risen.
The next part of the dream I was in Waihi and said to my mother "It has happened, Wormwood has hit." I turned the news on and heard a woman with an American accent speaking she said that a large red planet called Nebrius was travelling past the Earth and it had two moons trapped in its gravitational field.
Nibiru Showers Earth With Rocks                                23rd December 2007
I was standing in my home town of Waihi, New Zealand in this dream and looking up at the moon. An elderly lady was also there with me, as we looked up I noticed a dark spherical object drifting out from behind the moon. It was nearly the exact size of the moon or slightly smaller. This object drifted away from the moon and hung by itself in the sky. I was amazed by this and was yelling to everyone to look. Then I heard a males voices echoing from the sky and he was explaining about this object, yet I can't remember what he said to me. My eyes were able to zoom up to this thing and I could now see it in broad daylight. It was a pale pink colored moon or planet. It had dark red bands or canyons running from its north to south pole, spread out around its surface. Then I saw this planet skim across our atmosphere, a tail of fire blazed from one end as it travelled from north to south across the sky. However this thing did not seem to crash to the earth it left a trail of falling rocks behind it which were the size of a family car. The voice in the dream told me to dodge the falling rocks. From what I understand this object might be a dwarf planet or an unknown moon.
Nibiru's Passage Through our Solar System                  27th October 2009
This is one of the latest Nibiru dream I have had at the close of 2009. I have been having re-occurring dreams of this planet and dwarf star since 2007. Before that I never thought of this subject and believed it to be a myth, I am not a planet x researcher.

In this dream I saw a diagram with he dates 2009-2014 I believe they may correspond to Nibiru's passage through our inner solar system. On one end of the wave like scale I saw 28th October 2009 and the other side of the scale 2014.
History of Nibiru                                                               17 November 2009
This is a revelation I have had about Nibiru and its past. I believe from what I have seen Nibiru used to be a lush blue planet very similar to our own. In the dream the planet went through a striking transformation, I saw its atmosphere being torn off into space, then I saw it being brought along past Mars at high speed by a huge brown dwarf, a dead sun. I saw its direction past Mars as well as a host of space debris including gigantic asteroids. Is it heading our way, only time will tell.
Other dates of Nibiru dreams with less details are
December 2008
27th January 2009
All together it would be
29th September 2007
23rd December 2007
       December 2008
27th January    2009
27th October    2009
17th November 2009
They seem to fall on 20's quite frequently and in the months between September to January.


Marshall, this is really interesting.
- Yowbarb


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