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Iceland President Grimsson


Grimsson is doing the right thing.  Something an American politician would be loath to do. I guess there are not enough lobbyist dollars in Iceland to silence prudent concerns.

Iceland President Labels Volcano Eruption Small Rehearsal

With the Iceland

Iceland is one of 3 full countries on my surivor map. They r well placed and it's citizens r not so domesticated as to not know how to survive. depending on they type of disaster they could be on of the new Atlantians after. Many homes in towns r off the grid, making there own, or in smaller co-ops, they r used to a very cold winter, and as there close enough for me to send exploration teams to in the time after it is definitely a place that should be looked up by survivors. (As long as there r lots of you and you can defend as i cannot vouch for how there temperament will be after to an unknown vessel approaching, but...

It's also a natural stop over point if crossing from NA to Europe's north where they have that wonderful seed Vault! It's not a wonder that like before it is the same colder based regions folks who take the warning seriously and will survive the best, with the wilds of the equator being left to scavenge and limp no by with only family and religion to rebuild on... as it's said "it's all happened before and it will all happen again!"


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