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--- Quote from: Ed Douglas on April 29, 2010, 12:20:43 PM ---Although Sun Tzu believed in not destroying a country, or it's army unless necessary, he was at times heartless, when it came to his own army. If they were not useful, or not totally loyal, he had them beheaded, without a second thought. I can relate that, somewhat, into how you will turn people away, that discover your shelter, or the fact that you have one, and want to be allowed in. I am sure that any of us would take in whatever would maintain the survival probabilities for the group, but anyone over that limit will have to be turned away. There is even the possibility that they are family. They might not be too happy about that, and decide to get "argumentative". There are many possibilities on how to handle this situation. Any and all ideas will help those that have shelters. What suggestions do you have for the many scenarios?

--- End quote ---

Ed I don't have too many specific scenarios or solutions although I have thought about this stuff. I don't sit and dwell the thoughts just pop into my mind intermittently and sort of evolve.
One thing I can say is the way I am hardwired, if any family member or one of their close contacts showed up at my shelter door it would be darn-nigh impossible to turn them away. I cannot imagine doing that.

The problem really does come in knowing there is only so much for the ones that are already there.
I think I would probably do the wrong thing and risk everything to let them in. Maybe even neighbors and strangers...

To me the only solution to this conundrum is to let certain people in,
shut the doors,
be hidden
and no one will see a door to knock on in the first place.
Not sure if that will always be possible but the idea would be to already be hidden, buried.
Not hearing knocking if it does happen. Headphones on music playing herbal tea and some kinda natural downer like valerian.
As the high winds howl or the fires burn and the place is already full to bursting with people.
If someone was stuck out there and nothing I could do about it would rather not know.
Would try to make darn sure everyone on my list was there.
Those that were invited some kind of hidden signal apparatus on the top side.
It would have to include a blinking light so it could be seen.
Then, of course I would open the door and grab them and pull them in.
- Yowbarb

Ed Douglas:
It is so difficlut of a decision that many of us might have to face. Are you willing to jeopardize the survival of some, to attempt the survival of more than planned? It's like you have 2 bottles of water, and someone has none and is dehydrated. How do you deny them? Especially knowing that if you give them your water, your odds of survival will decrease. This is the attitude the elites display. "I got mine, you go get yours". I am like you, I don't think I could turn anyone not criminal, away. Where the problem with the elites is, the fact that they have enough to share with almost everyone, yet keep it for the few. One thing I think about; if they go underground, days before disaster, and as predicted by some, aliens come to take us to safety, when they come out of their holes, it might not be what they thought it would be. Gee, I'd really feel bad about that. (snicker)

Ed Douglas:
I should add, that as long as someone is ASKING for help, it is difficult to deny them. If they think they are going to TAKE what I have, then it won't be a difficult decision to make. Intent will be a big part of this.

The problem I see with some of the Elites is that they used our money, and resources for survival, and they still don't share. But anyhow no sense going there. It would be almost impossible to turn away anyone who is suffering, I'm with you Barb, I couldn't knowingly do it.


Ed Douglas:
You guys are truly good human beings. I hope we never have to make these decisions. I can say, from experience, especially combat, you never really know how you'll react until it happens. I saw rough and tough talking guys start crying and throwing up after the first rocket hit nearby. Surprisingly, I wasn't one of them.


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