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--- Quote from: Ed Douglas on April 30, 2010, 12:22:38 PM ---I should add, that as long as someone is ASKING for help, it is difficult to deny them. If they think they are going to TAKE what I have, then it won't be a difficult decision to make. Intent will be a big part of this.

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This helps sort it out...
I suppose I would have to draw the line if it was someone not in my family or not in my group and I knew for sure that sharing with them would truly jeopardize the group - I might have to turn someone away. Hope I never have to do that.
One concept though is it could work out to change the plan a bit to setend a hand to someone - and somethng else good could pan out and end up being enough for all...
I don't advocate for people to risk their group, though.


--- Quote from: Linda on April 30, 2010, 12:27:32 PM ---The problem I see with some of the Elites is that they used our money, and resources for survival, and they still don't share. But anyhow no sense going there. It would be almost impossible to turn away anyone who is suffering, I'm with you Barb, I couldn't knowingly do it.


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Oh hi Linda misplaced the glasses and almost missed this.
Yes, it would be hard to do...
All The Best,


--- Quote from: Carl Gustafson on April 22, 2010, 10:34:49 AM ---For those that do not have a copy of the book "Art of War" and you have a Kindle you can get a free copy.

The "HIGH GROUND" might not only be a piece of land but could be an attitude, a frame of mind or a mental picture.   There are many instances of the high ground being lost.  Probably the most know picture is the one of 4 men placing a flag on the "high ground".   In the days ahead being on the high ground might not be the place to be as then you are very visible.  It might just be better to be in the valley hidden from sight and let the others slug it out.  If you are going to hold the high ground you had better have the equipment and will to use it totally.

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this is great idea. yes is a war and we will need to win.
But this war is not like a "modern" idiots war. Is a war the Divine implanted for us as a test to pass.  Is a test is not a war, but we can preper for it "thinking" is a war.


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