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4 Stages of awakening to your life purpose

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The Four Stages of Awakening to Your Life Purpose:

Stage one

Great Link Linda!
What keeps me on track:

* Frequent Meditation :)
* Listening to my Heart
* Love
Hope this Helps!


Great ideas PButter for keeping on track. I also find if I mediate at least 30 min a day I am much calmer and able to process whats going on without stress. Listening to our hearts to me is the same as intuition and that is key which in turn opens us up to love. You have great insight!

Linda :)

Do you believe that we are born with a purpose for this life? Some believe that we choose our life path before we incarnate in this life. If you believe we have a purpose, how do you think we figure that out? Do we just know, or do certain situations happen in a synchronized pattern to lead us down a certain path?

Linda :)


Ed Douglas:
Linda, I don't tell of this very often, but before I had my heart attack, in 2003, I had foreseen my death. Everything happened as I had envisioned. They even had the group of doctors that harvest organs present at my surgery.(I don't think they expected me to make it). But, something had changed. It was a battle, but I am alive, although disabled. I have since then had a belief that there is/was someone whom I am supposed to help. Every time I go to my Martial Arts class that I advise and consult, I wonder which student/students am I supposed to effect. I have to laugh, because my cardiologist, one of the best around here, has mentioned that he is surprised I am still around, my last two visits. Obviously, the person hasn't arrived yet, or, I haven't helped them yet, because I am still here going strong. I guess you could say that I believe in fate, and having a purpose. I am very blessed.


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