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Acceptance and rejection

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My wife and I are on the same page thankfully ;D


--- Quote from: Pbandpk on April 19, 2010, 10:33:31 AM ---My wife and I are on the same page thankfully ;D

--- End quote ---

Pbandpk that is wonderful!
All The Best of Luck,


So glad to hear that  Pbandpk. Did it start out that way, with both of you? Or did one have to convince the other. Just curious if you don't mind my asking.


Today I saw an interview with a man from MA, the interview wasn't about the water situation in MA, and I really don't remember the topic. They had a major water main break in MA and heres a link about the story.

Back to the interview, the interviewer ask the man how he was handling the lack of water because of the break. The man answered, "Oh, I am one of those "doomers" I have plenty of water stored at my house just in case."  I loved that remark!


Linda I think we should store as much as possible, I think we will need two gallons per person per day for up to five years for three people that is 10,950 gallons that takes up a lot of space.


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