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Acceptance and rejection

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The earth shifted from it's axis after an earht quake in (CHILE).


--- Quote from: kayelless on December 30, 2010, 06:03:23 PM ---Success! I sat my husband and daughter (22 yrs old) down and asked them to watch the documentary "Collapse." It gives a good feel for oil, water and economic problems coming without info they couldn't handle or don't want to hear. It was 90 minutes long and the only thing I asked of them.

They understand just enough not to think I'm crazy anymore. In fact, my husband and I put together a list of immediate needs, stuff to do within 90 days, and stuff to do within 6 months, and agreed on the budget. So I'm not on my own any more."Collapse" can be viewed
instantly on NetFlix.YAY!Kyle
--- End quote ---
Excellent. Survival favors the prepared individuals. The signs are there for troubled times and if it doesn't happen then it is all Good. If
it does then you are prepared. Congrats !

It's good to here my spouse say to me, for the first time, "you know, I'm beginning to see what you are talking about"; she Tell's me, "I'm beginning to see more, here more, of this kind of thing happening everyday".
Her word's sealed in my mind; "there is a catastrophic event occurring around the globe, almost everyday now".


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