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Author Topic: Prophets and Healers (Only verified please)  (Read 6248 times)


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Prophets and Healers (Only verified please)
« on: April 15, 2010, 07:18:17 AM »
Found this guy quite interesting.  Any thoughts is a false prophet or legit? He has a large following.  And has verifiable healing's.

Josip Grbavac Braco    (Needs Translation)

This page is already translated

About Braco

View healing

"... I believe that healing through the intangible, spiritual healing methods is the future of unimagined possibilities. I think this will elevate the area above what is now the law, does not mean "functional" and will also include all organic ..... allowed me to meet with the incredible energies, which are found in the figures, those ais stemming out of it, and that with certain conditions may prostrujati through it, but I can not call them differently than the divine. These are forces that can heal not only functional disorders, but also those that are organically conditioned ... "

Drago Plecko, who also came down to Zagreb`s Srebrnjak St. to congratulate his friend Braco the healer on his birthday.

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Re: Prophets and Healers (Only verified please)
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2010, 10:04:27 AM »
If a man is a healer he is not necessarily a prophet.

If a man is a prophet, he is not necessarily a healer.

This man claims to be a healer but also says he is no prophet.

It is a good example for people to see. That a healer can be identified by his own words, but also it is easily determined. This mans birthday is widely celebrated so that all can know it for good example.

10/ Tzi'kin........November 23, 1967

This man is a good healer that is mentioned as a teacher of the balance between material and spiritual wealth. He uses gazing sessions to teach that which is his gift, but others who do not have the same gift see it as something they cannot do. If they were to focus on the gifts of their own, then they would have more success and be less in awe of this healer.

The decan of Hermit is one that guards the offering containers. A priest potentiality.

What is a prophet but one who can speak to men that which are the words of the Father. He may or may not heal, but the words will be from none other than the Father.

There are many healers and many who speak to spirits both good and bad.

But there is no prophet. Where there is money involved, so is the motivation of man.

There will not be an occassion where people have to pay money to hear a prophet.


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Message from EMMANUEL
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2010, 10:40:04 AM »
To all,
I do not know if this is the proper place or not to post this. please, tell me if you find this improper or wrongly placed.
I received this message from a friend of mine whom I trust that she would not take or send silly messages.
Emmanuel does not exist in our 3D world. It is well believed (by testimony of serious mediunic channels including the most famous Brazilian mediun Chico Xavier,  that Emmanuel incarnated here many times including during Jesus Christ era as part of the Roman senate. Emmanuel at present is helping all the preparations of the Highest Plan to humanity.
Not often he sends messages through one of the few mediunic channels. The message below is the most recent or one the most recents.
The text was originally in Portuguese and translated to English using Google.
IN 2010 expect the unexpected
A Message from Emmanuel - January 15, 2010

Question: I received many emails from readers wondering why you have not yet reported the issue in 2012.
Dear Brothers and Sisters of Earth, we're in the Higher Realms of great joy to witness the birth of the new Gaia.
This is the first time that an entire planet tries to duplicate a higher plane of existence in your solar system.
Duplication is the first stage of the ascension of Gaia, and, though not yet complete, we believe it will be completed soon.
The second step is the separation of two planets, this step could be compared with cellular reproduction. For cells, the process is Mitosis, and the original cell divides into two new cells that are identical to the complete original cell.
In case of Gaia, the process is more similar to meiosis, in which the cells created by this process are not identical to the original cell. In its density that is applied especially to women's bodies.
The process of duplicating an entire planet takes about nine of his years to accomplish, while the separation occurs in a split second.
At the end of the Galactic cycle, Gaia will have a very short period of time during which the separation should occur. Once this process is complete, the new Gaia exists in fifth density, whereas the old Gaia remain in third density.
Why is there so much confusion about what will happen in 2012.
Some guys say disaster, others say the rise, and others say that nothing will happen.
And all are right.
The year 2012 can not be understood if seen only from the standpoint of third density, because in fact, is happening a multidimensional alignment / galactic at all levels of consciousness, from where the spread of the stream of electrons, protons, etc.. occur due to their mutual electrostatic repulsion.
The total amount of flow propagation is an infinite volume at any point of the field vector, and its manifestation / outcome is determined by the free flow of consciousness in a given region of the field vector.
This means that there are many different results from the same event. Everything depends on the vibratory rate of your consciousness, meaning that every individual will experience a different result.
Some will experience disaster, will experience some rise and others will not experience anything.
Two individuals will experience the same result only when their minds to vibrate in the same rate, because when two people focus their consciousness in the same part of the energy spectrum of consciousness, they become contemporary, they are no longer separated by the illusion of space and time.
To understand this concept, first you must understand that you are multidimensional beings living simultaneously in thousands of overlapping parallel planes of existence.
Many of you are able to feel it, but many think they have a "self-prime" (the one you are reading right now) and all "other-self" are less real. When, in fact, his conscience is evenly spread across their selves, making them all your self-leading. "
With a simple decision, you redirect your consciousness to one of his "thousand-Ts. When this occurs, you feel nothing, but you - literally - move to another world. Everything will seem like ten minutes ago, you will be living in the same house, married to the same person, working in the same place, etc.. But in terms of vibration, all these things are totally new, since you are now living in new world.
The model of overlapping parallel universes was designed by the Creator in order to enrich the experience of his soul, now, depends on their free will to decide which one you will follow in 2012 with a total change of consciousness.
For example, you and your neighbor will not have the same experience.
Each of you will continue living in different lands.
All those who do not have the same vibratory rate that you simply disappear from your reality.
That's why most "predictions" made lately does not happen because a prediction is made a specific point of the field vector, where the attention of what makes the prediction is integrated with their conscience, but a second later he and most importantly, you have changed your consciousness to an "other-self," and now you're living in another parallel life where the outcome of the forecast will not occur.
Your consciousness is what determines in which you live life right now, and their beliefs is what sets the consciousness in a certain part of life.
If you believe that the year 2012 marks the end of humanity, then you will experience some sort of order. On the other hand, if you believe that in 2012 the rise begin the harvest, then you will experience some kind of beginning.
Remember, your thought pattern creates sensations, your feelings create emotions and emotions create your reality.

Question: You mentioned many times that we should let the fear back, a reader from Australia asked: How do I replace the Fear by Love?
Love is a gift from above and there is beyond duality.
There is no substitute for one another, this needs to be deeply understood.
Fear and love are different things, they are different qualities of the same energy.
Fear is the negative aspect of Love. If the higher vibrations of energy not primitive flow through your energy field, this energy becomes Fear. If the highest part of the frequency spectrum is allowed to flow, the fear disappears and love remains.
The idea of Fear and Love are two different things was rooted in the collective mind through the ages for the sole purpose of enslaving humanity, because an individual can not be reduced to slavery if he understood that fear and love are the same energy and all depends on which part of the spectrum he focuses.
When two individuals are focused on the same part of the energy spectrum, they are no longer separate, they are one. The vibrations of love to help you merge with others.

Question: You mentioned that our DNA is being activated by energy beams of high vibration released on Earth, a reader from France I wonder how many of the twelve strands of DNA can be activated in the present state of human consciousness.
The third dimension of human beings are potentially capable of activating numerous strands of DNA, however, in this moment of human evolution there are 144 main strands that need to be activated to awaken their full human potential.
The Great Divine Director and Council of the Lords of Karma fixed the number of filaments in this particular point on the evolutionary line at 144. 144 In addition to these filaments, there is an upgrade package of 144 thousand strands of DNA "galactic" available at this time.

Question: A reader from Russia said: The more I advance on the spiritual path, the more insecure I feel. What am I doing wrong?
You're not doing anything wrong, only you can feel that real security does not exist.
Security means nothing beyond the indulgence of the circumstances of his reality. It is merely an ideal implanted in his mind to make him fear the unknown, because if you stay in the familiar, there is no growth. When you penetrate the unknown and host the uncertainty, you realize a quantum leap in opening doors to your real Self and its role in the Divine Plan.
Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Earth you are living in amazing times!
The energies dispensed on Earth are increasing significantly with each new day, DNA of newborns contains genetic information ever seen on earth, and its scientists can confirm the presence of a new strand of DNA active in many newborns.
(*) Translator's note: Read about it at this link:
His skies are full of "lights" seen by thousands of people on a daily basis.
The collective consciousness is creating new connections between individuals who belong to the same "soul group", regardless of physical distance between them. Telepathic abilities are now available to virtually everyone. Your energy body began to remember your potential and are enabling capabilities of self healing.
More and more individuals understand that they have a contract of life to accomplish, and are changing their attitudes to life, changing the world in which they live. Many, many went out of their conditioning, and can see the complete freedom just a few steps ahead. Most of their collective shutting down of all the fixed ideas of the past, and a new paradigm is born.
The idea of separating individuals from their community is fading faster than you can imagine, their souls began to remember that separation only exists on the surface and deep down, you (we) are all One
The limiting cycle is nearing its end.
They really are amazing times for the Human Race!
But new opportunities bring new responsibilities.
Look around, what have you done now seems to be insufficient.
It's time to produce something new, a new beginning in the journey, a new beginning. You have prepared themselves through many lives for this moment, not lose.
It's time for the deliberate co-creation of their future. The secret of co-creating a whole new reality is simply breaking large goals into a series of small goals. With each small accomplishment, the ultimate goal will be closer. Be a person of action, only individuals with targeted actions make things happen.
Do not wait until tomorrow.
Today is a good day to start.
Begin to trust yourself in your potential, your connection with All That Is, and its absolutely irreplaceable role in the Divine Plan.
When you truly trust in themselves, their conscience will lead them to live a life that is honorable and meaningful!
I AM Emmanuel



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Re: Prophets and Healers (Only verified please)
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2010, 12:52:14 PM »

I am glad you found it useful. This message touched base with me. Otherwise, I would not have brought it here. I've read psicographed books of Emmanuel and this message has his tone. He is not soft on us (incarnate) but at the same time he has the proper tone of an eldest brother who loves us and thus wants our wellness and all the possible good happening to us all. It will depend on us.

Um abrasso para voce e tudo de bom !  (abrasso means "hug" and is written wrongly because there is a character not recognizable in English, only in French and .... do not know where else...).


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Re: Prophets and Healers (Only verified please)
« Reply #4 on: May 04, 2010, 06:37:40 PM »
There are a few parts that resemble Buddhist beliefs. Especially when you have to sort of work your way up the ladder, to move on. Some buddhists believe it take 10 to the 27th power number of lives to reach Nirvana.


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Re: Prophets and Healers (Only verified please)
« Reply #5 on: May 05, 2010, 06:47:16 AM »

I am glad you found it useful. This message touched base with me. Otherwise, I would not have brought it here. I've read psicographed books of Emmanuel and this message has his tone. He is not soft on us (incarnate) but at the same time he has the proper tone of an eldest brother who loves us and thus wants our wellness and all the possible good happening to us all. It will depend on us.

Um abrasso para voce e tudo de bom !  (abrasso means "hug" and is written wrongly because there is a character not recognizable in English, only in French and .... do not know where else...).


Obrigado pelos bons pensamentos, o meu amigo.
All The Best,


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Re: Prophets and Healers (Only verified please)
« Reply #6 on: July 17, 2010, 11:11:19 AM »

Braco is coming to the US for a tour this Fall.  He's going to Wyoming, Arizona, CA and Hawaii

Braco in


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Re: Prophets and Healers (Only verified please)
« Reply #7 on: January 21, 2011, 06:21:06 PM »

[start excerpt]
Benjamín Solari Parravicini was born in Buenos Aires city, on August 8, 1898. He was an internationally known plastic artist, simple and humble man he was a naturally gifted with a great psychic and esthetic sensitiveness, becoming later the director of the Buenos Aires City Municipal Fine Arts Museum.
In the peace of his atelier, where he drew, he started to receive in an strange way, ideas which he sketched on paper and which he ascribed to the spontaneity of the artistic creation. But he met a great surprise when he confirmed that the sketched ideas were prophetic, since with the passing of time they came inexorably true...

Thus, under the surprise of his family and friends, he began to accumulate a series of draws containing prophecies about the world future, and particularly about Argentina.
[end excerpt]

One of the prophesies:
"Circles of lights will appear flying high, bringing alien beings from other planets. Yes, they were who came to settle the earth, it will be said, and it will be well said. Yes, who were called angels in old testament, or... Jahveh voice, they will be, and they will be seen again, and they will be seen, and they will be heard." (year 1938)


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Re: Prophets and Healers (Only verified please)
« Reply #8 on: January 24, 2011, 01:12:45 PM »
Who verifies the verfiers ?

The heart is where a man can "know".

Many people , most in fact, are constantly working things with the hands that later prove to be enlightened work.

A prediction here or there does not a prophet make. If one has knowledge, the world of art reveals tons of things.

Where does the idea come from ?  The word spirit is Latin derived from "to breathe" thus .. inspiration.

Air ......can be looked up on wikipedia.


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