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Wind charging systems


This area should cover wind charging systems, towers, setup, wind zones as they are now 2010, should you get one big system or a lot of smaller ones, how to build your own horizontal or vertical etc.etc.

Stumbled across this interesting design while looking for something else completely different.  It's an improvement based on old design and seems to be worth a look.

From one of the articles:  "One major advantage of not having blades is reduced maintenance costs. For instance, the turbines can be mounted on towers or poles, while generator equipment can be located at the tower base, eliminating the need for climbing the tower for routine maintenance. Also, the turbines only need to be mounted high enough to clear nearby obstacles to wind flow. Since there are no external blades that require ground clearance, the tower can likely be shorter than those used for turbines with blades."  Also, "besides wind, the turbine


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