Materials, supplies needed to get the maximum out of your survival gardening

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Hi All
This info on the potato box project is from Member Wayne Tom, posted on the old Town Hall forum.
Definitely worth bringing over here to look at.  Have a look.
- Yowbarb
Survival Tools to Better Your Odds

I have actually made a little bit of money and had some fun with a greenhouse/garden so I would like to share.

You can make a cheap greenhouse for next to free.  Mandatory here in Alaska.  Just a PVC frame and plastic sheet are all you need.  If you aren't home to ventilate in hot weather make sure you have a fan hooked up to go off at a certain temperature.  Any garden shop should carry a thermostat setup for cheap.

If you really cram the thing in the spring you could easily make a couple of thousand bucks at farmer's markets selling starts.  Just sell them for a buck or two a piece and you would be surprised how people snatch them up.  Usually farmer's markets are on the weekends so it won't interfere with your day job.  And even rare seeds online are usually one or two cents a piece.

Heirloom seeds are really the way to go.  They are heartier, more disease resistant and they are what people really want.  They are also totally unique from what you can find at a store.  Sorry to all you organic purists...but as a side note although I go strictly organic in my garden organic seeds really don't pan out.  The difference between organic and non-organic is the coating they put on it to keep the fungi from eating your seedlings.  If you want to do organic plan on budgeting for four times the amount of seed you use.

The cheapest container is to buy a Costco membership and buy a couple thousand picnic cups.  Make sure they are of a good enough size to hold adequate soil.  Punch a few holes in the bottom for drainaige.

And don't learn the hard way like I did how to harden off your plants before planting.

I am also thinking of putting in a bunch of tobacco this year as well.  Not that I am much of a smoker other than the occasional cigar but I feel there will be a demand for people growing their own tobacco.  And in a survival situation it would be a highly bartarable commoditiy.  Processed tobacco is subject to federal regulation but growing for personal use is not (at this time).

I am also going to be experimenting with used coffee grounds this year as fertilizer.  I haven't tried it so don't quote me per say but some claim it is as good as chicken manure for fertilizer and most of the coffee waste just ends up in the trash anyways.

Anyways hope this helps.  Hope this helps a few to not learn things the hard way like I did.

Great ideas Alaskanwinter. My husband and I built a similar small hoop greenhouse and it worked well. I have never used coffee grounds but that is worth checking into.  Thanks for the ideas and info.


Coffee grounds are great fertilizer, I mix mine with dried out ground egg shells, really is good and natural also for the plants.

Thanks Susan :)



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