I have perused this site and I have not  found any posts on the ancient petrogyphs ??

I have been searching for the connection between the spiral that the ancients left in their Petroglyphs to a planet or a star…

I believe I have found an answer, take a look at this!!

Just released this month, research show that a SINGLE star can produce a spiral. Just as interesting is the star with the spiral is MASKED.

“A new image of a gas-and-dust disk around a sun-like star is the first astronomers have seen that displays structures that look like spiral arms”

“What we’re finding is that once these systems reach ages of a few million years, their disks begin to show a wealth of structure—rings, divots, gaps, and now SPIRAL FEATURES,” Wisniewski says.

“Many of these structures could be caused by planets within the disks.”

“The Subaru image shows two spiral features arcing along an outer disk. Models indicate that a single embedded planet could produce a spiral arm on each side of a disk. The structures around SAO 206462 do not form a matched pair, suggesting the presence of two unseen worlds, one for each arm.”

The image comes from research that is part of the Strategic Exploration of Exoplanets and Disks with Subaru project, a FIVE-YEAR-LONG STUDY IN THE NEAR-INFRARED SPECTRUM of young stars and their surrounding dust disks using the Subaru Telescope atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

The work involves more than 100 scientists from 25 institutions, including John Wisniewski, a postdoctoral researcher in astronomy at the University of Washington.

Read the full article, go see the picture and video that clearly makes a connection of how a star can be seen as a spiral just like the ancients drew..

"Spiral arms indicate possible planets in a star's gas-and-dust disk -- with video"

Here is the article from NASA with a little added info at the bottom that is worth reading

Here is another source that makes the link of the appearnce of a spiral with a star. I am not saying this particualar star is the death star but I found it interesting that the article used the words "death star" and "Destroyer of Worlds"

Binary 'deathstar' has Earth in its sights

Destroyer of worlds: Astronomers overlaid 11 time lapse images of the rotating star system WR 104 to reveal a 30 billion-kilometre-long tail that billows out in a spiral around it.

Pix of spiral
But something curious about the images caught the attention of the experts.

"Viewed from Earth, the rotating tail appears to be laid out on the sky in an almost perfect SPIRAL. It could only appear like that if we are looking nearly exactly down on the axis of the binary system," said Tuthill.

This means we are peering down the barrel of the gun, as when binary supernovae go off, all their energy is focused into a narrow beam of wildly destructive gamma ray radiation that emanates (both up and down) from the poles of the system.

"If such a gamma-ray burst happens, we really do not want Earth to be in the way," he said. "I used to appreciate this spiral just for its beautiful form, but now I can't help a twinge of feeling that it is uncannily like looking down a rifle barrel."

Be sure to take a look at the spiral

In another way to visualize the data from the stars above, frames covering the rotation of the spiral plume over its 8-month orbit have been stitched together into a time-lapse movie

Here is a good small compilation of the petrogylphs

Here is a short video with Lucas doing a little a bit of narrowating about the petryoglyphs. All parts of the presentation are well worth watching


--- Quote from: Kirt on October 30, 2011, 10:00:05 AM ---Here is a good small compilation of the petrogylphs

Here is a short video with Lucas doing a little a bit of narrowating about the petryoglyphs. All parts of the presentation are well worth watching

--- End quote ---

Good photos in the first link.  Some of the "spirals" are actually concentric circles.


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