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Some of my posts here will be evaluations of survival books, done by various people.
- YB
This one is

Bug Out - Scott B. Williams   8:25 1,855 Views

VIDEO LINK:  http://youtu.be/2HPlZrR-OOI

Uploaded by TheSurvivalBookshelf on Oct 18, 2010

Scott B. Williams rated this book Four out of five stars. Recommended.

We are temporarily missing our Survival Lists and Methods Board...
I may help create a new list somewhere soon.
Posting here a video which presents a bug out bag list. This is just one of many lists.
I feel this is fairly good.
The narrator is supposedly a former Navy Seal. Missing one of the series will post it all
in order, soon.
- Yowbarb

The Bug Out Bag   10:00   70,280 Views

VIDEO LINK: http://youtu.be/x-kwB0g-1cU

Uploaded by AnalyticalSurvival on Oct 13, 2009

"A quick and comprehensive overview of ONE type of Bug-Out Bag. This video is specifically aimed at the entry to mid-level survivalist and is therefore neither definitive nor exhaustive. No doubt, your specific setup perhaps will and SHOULD differ, as each individual's training, experience, and preference is varied and unique."
Yowbarb good ideas. Some of his items are ways to stay in communication which wouldn't work, possibly. I just hope the net never fails... Many good things to take along.

Web Gear   9:05   38,975

VIDEO LINK;  http://youtu.be/TREim9mHs7k

thank you barb!  i've been meaning to compare my list to that of an expert's.  can't wait to view this at home as i don't have sound on my work computer.

This is what's packed in my kit:

GTHOOD packing list:
Large backpack
Sleeping bag
Shovel/ etool
Multi-plier tool
25' 550 cord
Weapon cleaning kit
Hygeine kit w/tbrush soap foot powder
3 extra pair boot socks
1 set clothes- subdued colors
Cats paw tool
Small hammer
Wet weather gear top/ bottom
Leather gloves
Bright orange marker
3 emergency meals (mre)
Salt/ pepper
Roll of duct tape
Zip ties
Sling rope 13' w/ carabiner
Polypropylene top/ bottoms
Knit cap
Walkie talkie +3 sets batteries
Small scope/ binos
200 rds primary wpn ammo
100 rds 2d wpn ammo
4 canteens or 2 camelback
Water pump
Imox pen w/salt
1/4 ground pad or thermarest
Cooking pot/ canteen cup
Fork spoon
FA kit
Sewing kit
Cable saw
Ziplok bags
2 sq ft heavy tinfoil
Tras bags w tubing ( solar still)

Small pack/ fanny pack/ web gear
Survival kit
Lighter/ wp matches/ flint
Vaseline cotton balls
Fishing kit
Extra magazines
Signal mirror
Flashlight/ red lens
Emergency blanket
Granola bars or peanut butter
Knife & sharpener
25' 550 cord
2 canteens w tape & canteen cup
2 trash bags
Paper pencil
Maps in wp case/ bag

On body
Pocket items: compass mirror knife fire     starter
Subdued color heavy duty shirt and trouser
Good quality hiking or hunting boots
Pen & paper
Patrol gloves
10' 550 cord
Small piece tin foil
Ziplock bag 1 gal

Solar panels w/inverter
Xtra battery (car)
AA recharge
AAA recharge
Tire kit
Food box
Large pots w/lids x2
Stove w/fuel
Water cans
Fuel cans
2-3 large tarps
Dewalt kit
Rope kit
Sleeping bags
Seed bank
Tool kit
Lights AA type
Weapons & mags/ammo for all



--- Quote from: BuddhaKitty on October 17, 2011, 10:56:33 AM ---thank you barb!  i've been meaning to compare my list to that of an expert's.  can't wait to view this at home as i don't have sound on my work computer.

--- End quote ---

That former Nacy Seal probably does have some pretty good ideas...  :)
We had some great lists going on Susan's Board will try to get that reconstructed. Meanwhile Erv has a great list too.
Learning as I go,


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