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Health Care Reform and 2012

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Now that the health care reform bill has been enacted into law, President Obama's next job is to answer one simple question. Where's the beef? 

After a year of feckless Democratic cat herding and insidious Republican hate mongering, all Obama can say for now is, "this isn't radical reform, but it is major reform." So what will this major reform look like?

Between now and 2014, over 2 million American families will continue to find major reform in the bankruptcy courts.

I absolutely agree  :'(.  My wife is a Nurse Practitioner and says that it will harm over a third of the American people.  Mainly the elderly and the very sick.  And don't forget that if you can't afford to buy health insurance your going to pay a fine if you have to see a doctor or go to the hospital.

Your article Marshall is, I'm afraid to say, pretty accurate. This whole debacle of a health care bill makes me ill, (and I can't afford to get ill, LOL).  I have 5 children, and at this point only 1 of them has health care (they are all adults). As a matter of fact, my husband and I lose our health care every year when he gets laid off for 4 to 6 months. This has been going on for 3 years now. It's like playing Russian roulette with our health. This year I had a bad flare up of ulcerative colitis while he was laid off, the medicine alone (and that was only a quanity of 20) was $350.  We have had health care all of our adult lives, we have worked hard to make a living for ourselves, and now at 60 yrs, we have to deal with this stress.  We are too young to retire, too young for medicare, and too old to find another job that is more secure with benefits. I know we are one of many, this is insane, especially when we spent billions to rebuild Iraq and all the other complimentary sh*t we do for other countries at our expense.

Well that's my say on the subject, sometimes I think our govt needs to collapse to get rid of the criminals and the corruption.

I know any fee, if you are just getting by, would be devastating.  If I understand correctly, the amount you would be responsible for varies based on income. If you earn less than $88,000 , the gov would subsidize your payments, I assume based on income.  And, the changes will not even take place until 2014......will it all matter then?  My gripe is that help is needed now.  Many folks are not getting much needed medical treatment for fear of financial ruin.

Part of the plan is to limit Doctors pay.  With this I feel that many good Doctors will leave the field and the not so good will stay on.  This is very dangerous in light of all the medical malpractice suits happening.  And think about this. If any one chooses to have elective laser eye surgery to improve their vision, the fees for this voluntary treatment will be outrageous.  Another thing is this will give the IRS access to your medical savings account,  This could bankrupt many Americans trying to save.

I'm going to start and envelope fund instead of having it in a bank.  I just actually feel safer having it here under my control, not under the governments control.


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