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I recently read an article about a rather amazing piece of equipment, that is being used more and more for displaced people of war, or after natural disasters.  It is called a "Life Cube". The video is rather impressive.  Now, this is not a normal tent, that is carried around in your backpack.  Still, I think it may have some real viable value for those who wish to have a chance of survival.  It is maybe not the greatest, if winds are higher than 250mph, or if the sun is completely, utterly blacked out.  But, for those who have no bunker, or anywhere to go, this might be it.  It reminded me of the last Harry Potter book, with the tent they traveled with. See what you think: http://www.lifecubeinc.com/


Looks really cool!  Thanks for the info, but was I reading it right, that it costs about $4,000?  If so, it wouldn't be within my budget, but I bet it would work great for a lot of other folks.  Me, I guess I have to stick with my plan B of a good tent & gear....

I agree, that for most working families, even $4000 is steep.....and one needs a pick-up truck to cart it around.  When/if one has to "get out fast", then a good, water-proof easy-to-carry tent is more in order.  My personal dilemma is, I think if it gets too wild, with winds over 200 mph, a sun blocked by volcanic debris, and horrible radiation, well NOTHING is going save me, even a bunker 100 feet deep.  I do not believe I will survive such extreme weather conditions, I just feel that if the worst happens I will just leave my body.  Yet, I believe so many here, on this forum will be saved.  I pray so. 


Disembodiment is definitely going to be the final outcome. True, how much radiation can the body take, is a good question. 

Hi everybody!
Four season expedition tent $150-1500 depending on bells & whistles. Mine was 145.00 shipped.
Dig a hole to put it in or put it with some wind cover. Put it in a solid structure, cave, or mine. The four season tents can withstand gale force winds & heavy snow/ash.
I think you'll need some lead clothes for radiation! :)


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