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Not out yet but Melancholia -

I just finished watching the Sarah Connor Terminator series.  1st and 2nd season.  What I find interesting is how the character of Sarah Connor is surrounded by folks going through the same grief, but evolving.  All stuck with the same crisis and the people around them are clueless.

I recently watched a television series called "Jericho" on Netfilx.  Its premise is not entirely preposterous and although many things were dramatized and others ignored, I found the devolution of society even in the microcosm of a small town to be very interesting.  It certainly made me think.

I watched the movie "9" the other night.  Enjoy the symbolism in that one, lol.

It's not really a "kids" movie per se imo.  Teenager level of thought maybe, animation gives us the belief of for "kids" but this one had alot of irony in it.  God gives a piece of his soul to all of us or consciencenous, all connected, looked obvious in this one.  I've always believed that God put consciencenous in the child on conception, still do, even more so now, not because of the movie though, just makes sense.

I recorded in on pvr to watch again and look at the background more than the foreground.  There's tons of movies with the same, similiar theme.  Almost like they are trying to tell us something.  Hollywood, funny, not really the place to seek wisdom, but its there. 
My all time favorites and only movies I ever purchased were: Lord of the Rings, Matrix(have to say, writing and concept were incredibly done here), Star wars.  Legion was interesting, watched it several times, concept was interesting but writing was a bit weak, I think its a 4 horseman approach.  A good one recently I loved the writing and concept is "The Sunset Limited" - very well done, most impressed with what they were doing there, this one I recommend if you haven't seen it.


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