Nasa Wise Telescope Discovers Planet Hercolubus Tyche


                                     PLANET  NIBIRU TRAJECTORY

Uploaded by 2012Leaked on Apr 30, 2011 but I haven't seen this till now.
There are a few who attempt to mock the knowledge and cognitive comprehension of myself or mankind as a whole in an attempt to falsify the existence of this body without first applying rational scrutiny. The most commonly attacked prospect is the mathematics of the simulation in question.

In the beginning of the video, Earth is moving at approximately 30.3km/s. It's eccentricity is 0.019, inclination 0.0019, it's periapsis is 334, ascending node 128, and anomaly at epoch is 12.1. It's orbit is obviously 1.00 years.

Approximately 2 hours after the passing, it's orbital properties change immensely. The eccentricity is then 0.75, the inclination is 107, the argument is 96.4, the longitude of the ascending node is 165, and the mean anomaly at epoch is -5.17. Indeed, the eccentricity is increased to a point where it is only in the habitable range of the star for half of its orbit. Additionally, the orbital period of the planet nearly doubles.

As for the clockwise rotation of the simulation, the body is approaching from almost directly above us, its inclination is about 84.7 degrees. The simulation had to be recorded from below the ecliptic.

As for the actual authenticity of the video itself, you'll just have to take my word. It would be appalling, I'd go so far as to say disgusting, if this was doctored or entirely fabricated. My intentions are only good.

I will no longer be here to answer your questions, I have to leave. My virtual private network provider has already alerted me that they were issued a subpoena for all information on me.  (2012 Leaked)   NASA  WISE - HERCOLUBUS (TYCHE)

Tyche is not Nibiru either, according to ZetaTalk.  Neither is it Hercolubus,  if that is Planet X.

" We predicted that as the proof of our predictions began unfolding with great drama, which is what is occurring with our 7 of 10 predictions, that the clamor of disinformation would rise in step. Tyche is an example. Once again, they are pointing off into space, rather than at the monster which arrived in 2003 and which is right next door, almost as close as the planet Venus. Standing in plain sight, causing Second Sun sightings or blazing Moon Swirl sightings, naked eye and on film, it is ignored by the establishment which prefers to point out into dark space and focus on yet another theory. NASA and JPL went looking for Nemisis in the early 1980's, and found not the Sun's dark binary but a traveling planet that is in a sling orbit with both its suns. Known as Nibiru by the ancients, and dubbed Planet X at that time by NASA and JPL, is has been ignored in the press while replacements are given the spotlight. All to confuse and distract the populace and arrange for their comfort during the cover-up. That the populace, whom they are lying to, will soon be in pain is not their concern, apparently.  "

A good article, dated March 2, 2011, but taken from another article six months earlier,  is at  A press release by the WISE team, dated February 18, 2011, is at .

Can anyone find more recent factual information?


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