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Clif High Speaks, Aug 26


The path to this whole rant is :

If you go to the top of the main page the link is YAPMF. He seems to be saying that tptb are rethinking their plans and are in a panic because they are running late. I hope he is right that some false flag attacks are not looking so good to them. He won't say what he thinks they are planning. I think he has another report coming out in September.


YAPMF (Yet Another Planetary Mind F*** from those who claim they own your ass...)

with respect, let us begin...

Yet another planetary mind f*** (YAPMF) is coming. As with all the previous planetary mind f***s before it, the criminals at the top of this insanity pyramid think it will aid in saving their ass. They think of it as 'remaining in control', but basically, these days, everything these criminal families do is to 'save their asses'. If they do not continue to maintain control over your mind, they are f***ed. Well, let us be realistic. It is actually worse than that; they would not be merely f***ed, more than likely they would be killed** out of sheer disgust at the centuries of corruption (soon to have been revealed). So, you see, they, the entrenched powers, have plenty of motivation to keep the whole 'control game' thing going. And as is also evident from the current levels of global instability in any context you care to discuss (economics, financial, political, terra, even space), the entrenched powers are getting desperate as control is slipping everywhere.


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