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Earth's Crystal Core

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After watching the most recent video of George Kavasillas , he states the earth has a crystal core. I believe most folks are in agreement that the earth has a liquid iron core. Has there been any scientific research done on this subject. If so, I wonder if the info has made it's way to the masses.

The plot thickens   ;)

definitely a solid core is is the perceived wisdom terrypat - i think its supposed to be iron though



The squirrels are early risers in the cage affixed to my shoulders. With all this talk about gravity wells,  electro-magnetism, pole shifts, etc. Crystal or quartz is a harmonic tuning fork. Take this recent paper that was discussed here about Elenin & earthquakes by the research team (Mensur Omerbasisch ?) The more I read the less I know  ;D

What if the core is plasma, as indicated by the expand earth theory?

If the earth mother is a living being and we receive our warmth from within her rather than from the sun wouldn't a crystal core be more efficient than molten iron ?

Bueller ?

Bueller !

When you apply the Hutchinson effect as seen in the below vid ...

Thank you Bueller .....

The plot thickens  8)


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