Possible Large Object coming in behind Elenin

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Hello again my friends. Just wanted to touch base with you all some on some info I came across this morning. The "Nibiru Insider" who viewed Nibiru from the Hubble years ago reveals, on the evening of 8/7 he and his astronomers he works with in New Zealand have locked on to's coming in behind Elenin.

Nibiru coods of 8/7/11:  09h 47m 57.30s   + 13° 16 44

Now for facts that I know, as of today you can not see the object due to being close to the sun.  Here in SW Okla the sun rises at 6:49am for 8/11 which is tomorrow morning. These cords that were given puts this object  rising 31 mins after the sun rises @ 7:20am this puts the object  under the sun and a little shift to the left  or around 200 deg  if you say looking under the sun is 180 degs.

The first date using sim software that I might be able to see it with the telescope would be around September 5th and that is only if I have a clear horizon with no cloud or haze.

Until I see something with my own eyes going to call this information fiction. But it worth checking into since some of us have wondered if there was a bigger object coming in behind Elenin.


Ed Douglas:
Thanks, Okie. I anxiously await your findings, as I too, have come across recent knowledge that there is something coming behind. I had mentioned that the earthquakes on alignments with earth and sun couldn't happen, unless there was an object yet unseen, with large mass, on the same orbital path. This was because Elenin was too far away, and has little mass, to cause quakes like those that were experienced. If this object(s) is there, it must have a large mass. We shall see.   ed

Thanks, erv

Alfred Williams:
I wish one of our members could have visited the SPT and got us real intel, You know many with families stationed there are informed{{:>)

Greetings Okie,

Where are you in SW, OKlahoma? I too am in SW, OK.
What size, type telescope do you plan to use to attempt spotting the "object"? How dark is your viewing location?

Perhaps using your telescope and mine we could team up and see what we can see.....

Bill L.


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