Indian Elders

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Ed Douglas:
I saw this on another forum;
Drove out to have a chat with an Elder from the Choctaw tribe last night.
We went over the basics:
Get rid of any gold- silver PMG's.
Convert everything into .22 bullets Long rifle or Magnum. A good axe, peanut butter and chocolate, high calorie stuff.
Convert your flour into 'hardtack'.
Have multiple caches
Get ready for or some Cold weather, snow etc, learn to make snow shoes with whatever is at hand.
That orange twine they use to wrap and secure bales of hay?
Great stuff, you can even make gill nets out of it.
Most of all, you want to be at 2,000 plus feet above sea level, and at least a hundred miles from the ocean or any large body of water. The government is not your friend.
The elites have to ride it out on the surface... all those trillion$ they spent on DUMBs? All wasted.
Follow the herds of deer or elk, they have a sixth sense which will lead them to safety. DO NOT fire into the herd, that will confuse them and you will all die.
Anyone remember the animal behavior just before the Boxing Day Tsunami back in Dec. 26, 2004 ?
You may pick off stragglers, but don't molest the body of the herd.
Share what you have with strangers, they may be angels

Very wise advise Ed, Thanks

We should listen to the elders they have the old wisdom.

My Thanks as well Ed.


I agree Sunny.  I've been reading everything I can about living the old ways, Indian prophecies, etc.  I sure hope a tribe will come my way after the cleansing, or purification as they call it.  I'd want to hook up with them more than anybody.  And if not them, then the Amish.

Here's some info I came across. Hopi Cosmology. History of the planet from the Hopi's


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