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Author Topic: Non-biblical account for a syrian Anti-christ  (Read 4330 times)


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Non-biblical account for a syrian Anti-christ
« on: April 19, 2011, 08:19:43 AM »
There are non-Biblical prophecies that state the antichrist will come out of Syria. Here is one I have on hard drive:

Origen of Alexandria, approx. 185 to 254 AD

"When the close of the times draws nigh, a great prophet shall be sent from God to turn men to the knowledge of God, and he shall receive the power of doing wonderful things. Wherever men shall not hear him, he will shut up the heavens, and cause it to withhold its rains; he will turn their water into blood; and torment them with thirst and hunger; and if any one shall endeavor to injure him fire shall come forth out of his mouth, and shall burn that man.

"By these prodigies and powers he shall turn many to the worship of God; and when his works shall be accomplished, another king shall arise out of Syria, born from an evil spirit, the overthrower and destroyer of the human race, who shall destroy that which is left by the former evil, together with himself.... "

"But that king will not only disgrace himself, but will also be a prophet of lies; and he will constitute and call himself God; and power will be given him to do signs and wonders, by the sight of which he may entice men to adore him. He will command fire to come down from Heaven, and the sun to stand and leave its course, and an image to speak, and these things shall be done at his words--by which miracles many even of the wise shall be enticed by him.

"Then he will attempt to destroy the temple of God, and persecute the righteous people; and there will be distress and tribulation, such as there never has been from the beginning of the world. Power will be given him to desolate the whole earth for forty-two months. That will be the time in which righteousness will be cast out, and innocence be hated; in which the wicked shall prey upon the good as enemies; neither law, nor order, nor military discipline be preserved."

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Re: Non-biblical account for a syrian Anti-christ
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Syria Plunges Into Civil War

Assad Forces Launch All-Out Effort

Last Desperate Gamble For Power




(A-O Newswire) -- Syria's President Assad has ordered an all-out military offensive using hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles to sweep though northern Syria.

Assad had ordered a probing attack on Friday, July 29 when opposition forces again took the streets after Friday prayers. The Syrian military launched a day-long offensive against stiff opposition in key cities in northern Syria with little effect, other than more bloodshed. Opposition resolve simply intensified.

The Syrian high command and the president took note of the action and stood down on Saturday to wait and see what the reaction would be from Turkey. Syrian leaders had expected to see the first signs of Turkish military intervention after Syrian intelligence had learned earlier that the West would give Turkey the green light to
take military action the next time Syrian tanks rolled en-masse in Syria's northern cities. Yet, Turkish forces did not swing into action. Why?

The Turkish military's top military commanders on Thursday, resigned en-mass in protest against numerous Turkish officers being indicted for plotting an overthrow of the civilian government. The tumult within the Turkish military high command has thus thrown a monkey-wrench into Western plans for Turkey's military to intervene against Assad.

The Syrian regime, taking note of the sudden shift within Turkish politics, and the split between the Turkish politicians and the military high command, especially Syrian President Assad decided that the Turk's in their own upheaval Turkey would do nothing
about the Syrian military engaging in an all-out war against Assad's political opponents.

It was a bold gamble by Assad and on Sunday, he put Turkey to the ultimate test by ordering stage 2 of his new campaign to wipe out, once and for all, all political opposition to the Assad regime. It was apparently Assad's hope that by instigating a military campaign of terrorism, the political opposition would wither away before the
onset of the Islamic holy period of Ramadan which commenced at sundown on Monday evening, August 1.

On Sunday, Syrian tanks by the hundreds began a sweep throughout much of Syria. Tanks would fire indiscriminately to trigger terror against the entire populations against such cities as Homs and Hama and other cities and towns in the region. Reports
indicate that at least 80 to perhaps as many as 150 civilians were killed and 1,000 plus were injured in the onslaught.

As Monday morning dawned across Syria, the Syrian army continued to wage its bloody campaign for a second straight day. They were shooting at random targets with both tank cannon and machine guns with support from light infantry units. Tank
fire was reported to be especially heavy within urban areas destroying many buildings.

Opposition forces erected anti-tank barriers and began utilizing heavy machine guns to pin down army infantry support units and thus paralyzing exposed tanks to anti-tank weapons now available because of army deserters joining the opposition.

By Monday evening, the Assad's regime found itself in real quandry. The previous evening, (Sunday)  Assad's high command had decided that additional tank forces being held in reserve south and west of Damascus were needed to reinforce the two divisions already operating in northern Syria. The reinforcing tank division moved out from its base at Qatana and headed Damascus to await further deploment in the north as needed and in the interim to keep
a lid on any protests within the Syrian capital itself. Yet a "funny" thing happened on the way to Damascus.

The Syrian armored column melted into "oblivion before reaching Damascus. Most of the entire tank column including its officers and men deserted the Assad regime and proceeded to join the rebel opposition forces. Nearly an entire armored division suddenly
switched sides, heading north to join the rebels under the cover of darkness on Monday evening.

As remnants of the division who remained loyal to Assad arrived in Damascus, word of the mass desertion sent shock waves throughout the upper echelons of the Assad regime and the high command. It was the largest mass desertion so far in the month's long battle between Assad and the opposition.

Suddenly, Assad and his regime find themselves short on armored division should Turkey somehow enter the fray. What's more, the opposition now has its own armored tanks available to do battle against Assad loyalsts. The Syrian Army could find itself fighting off
not only Turkish tanks but also Syrian tanks now under rebel control

The desertion of an entire tank column must certainly have triggered questions in the Presidential palace in Damascus wondering whether or when the next Syrian Army units would desert and join the rebels.

Earlier on Saturday, it was reported that a Syrian Army colonel claimed that he and hundreds of other Syrian soldiers had defected
and formed a "Syrian Free Army." This news combined with the report that a Syrian armored column had also defected raises the stakes for Assad to that of a full-blown civil war in which the Syrian Army faces itself in disintegration.

As Ramadan began, Syrian armed forces continued to battle with rebel opposition across northern Syria, Monday evening. Assad's regime is battling now for its very survival as never before.

In Washington, on Sunday night (7/31) as President Obama reportedly worked the telephone lines, lobbying Congressional lawmakers to agree to a budget agreement, the President reportedly took time out to discuss the Syrian developments with Turkey's Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan. Some reports indicated that President Obama urged the Turkish leader to order Turkish military units to move across the Syrian border to take on Syrian forces and develop a military buffer zone to protect Syrian rebels from massive bloodshed.

Even as Erdogan was urged by the West to intervene militarily, Turkey was being warned by Iran to keep hands off.

The Turkish leader reportedly responded by saying his government would take such requests under advisement but could make no promises. Erdogan indicated that perhaps Assad would call a halt to the violence once Ramadan began. By Monday evening, the Turkish leader would have evidence to the contrary. Not only did the fighting continue on Monday but even on Monday evening the fighting raged, in clear violation of Islamic law for the observance of Ramadan. What's more as day dawned on Tuesday, (Aug 2) Syrian army units were continuing their battle, with indications more reserves were being brought forward to the battle.

Western military analysts believe that Assad's military capabilities are diminishing faster than his ability to put down the revolt and in so doing the specter is raised of a civil war emerging along religious lines between Sunni and Shiite religious sects within Islam. Such a war could become protracted and outlast the Assad regime plunging Syria into a state of anarchy and chaos far worse than Iraq experienced after the US invaded in 2003.

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council met on Monday evening (8/1) to discuss the developing situation in Syria. Russia expressed regret for how the situation has evolved by continues to maintain that there should be no military intervention in Syria pointing to Libya as a perfect reason to avoid such a military intervention.


News Media Coverage on the Syrian situation:

Next Step: Enter Anti-Christ?.





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Re: Non-biblical account for a syrian Anti-christ
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2011, 05:32:50 AM »
I have heard of a prophecy stating that the Antichrist would come out of Syria but I have not heard that prophecy before. It is very interesting. Where exactly is it from?


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Re: Non-biblical account for a syrian Anti-christ
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Re: Non-biblical account for a syrian Anti-christ
« Reply #4 on: August 16, 2011, 02:27:33 AM »
This is my candidate for the Beast of Revelation.

The al-Assad's original family name is said to have been al-Wahash, meaning "beast" in Arabic. This name was changed at some stage (and perhaps by Hafez) to al-Assad, meaning "lion".


And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

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