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Author Topic: RT- Scientific Breakthrough  (Read 2654 times)


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RT- Scientific Breakthrough
« on: July 31, 2011, 08:19:52 PM »
RT is just released a video to say scientists have just discovered that the sun directly effects natural disasters and can wipe power grids, etc.

Ok this is a nudge.

With only a day or 2 to go before we enter a rough patch due to solar activity, they release this video.  What discovery, there's papers out there explaning this, I read some.  BUT, now the mainstream population has heard truth, they'll remember when searching to find out more, let's pray they look, these kind of things wake people up.

They plan to knock out power grids soon for protection, once that starts, it won't stop.

I'll start watching the mainstream media soon and see if it pops on their too.

be safe.


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Re: RT- Scientific Breakthrough
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2011, 07:30:35 AM »
When I read the first line of your post I thought, "They just now discovered the sun can affect us negatively?"  It seems like I knew this about the sun for a few years.


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Re: RT- Scientific Breakthrough
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2011, 08:31:58 AM »
When I read the first line of your post I thought, "They just now discovered the sun can affect us negatively?"  It seems like I knew this about the sun for a few years.

It's good that you knew that...
I had been doing some reading and it looks like the PTB media and "scientific experts" officially stated "no connection between sun and disasters," so yes this RT story is news. This does look like progress...
(Of course what is right around the corner now that someone is admitting this.)


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Re: RT- Scientific Breakthrough
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2011, 10:18:09 AM »
I noticed a Nasa story too by coincidence looking at another thread, always the way it seems.
The language is consitant with others, ECONOMIC or money, never equating the human cost, since how much money can they put on that.  But again its just another example of deflecting focus to money, you can always print more money, how do you replace the human beings.  It is what it is, the closer we get the more desperate they become to convince you of their truth.

I sent a reply video to RT, guess I should say they stole my discovery, only its probably why every ancient peoples had intimate knowledge of the stars, logic dictates they had the knowledge for a reason.`

My logic is simple on this matter: 22 years of increased solar activity = melting glaciers = less reflectivity = hotter planet and more melting.  Tie that in with a solar maximum coming behind this regular solar cycle = no glaciers = alot of fresh water entering the existing watersheds both inland and at sea.  It is to be considered as well many glaciers formed in calderas and volcanoes when they melt(many have) pressure is released there as well as being pressured from inland melt wastewater, logically the pressure will release. 

Too many connections in a universe with consistant laws, few of which I am aware or understand, but believing the connection in all things makes this a logical belief for me.  And in the present time, I`m watching it happen.  I`m Canadian, see before and afters of some of our glaciers first hand over the last 30 years, lots of documention on this subject is around(official research seems to have stopped public reporting in 2009).

So I`ll assume what they say about a solar maximum in 2013, that fine.  It still means that what I just typed is inevitable then.  So for me then it doesn`t matter when they just told me once again that I should be planning to live a different life, no 5 year career plans maybe :).  I`ll be thankful they didn`t say our grandchildren will have to deal with it, that`s positive.

I`ve never made a video before that one(didn`t even know I had a channel, lol), procrastinated all the way to clicking send.  And within 24hrs a high traffic site(for alot of americans) Puts out a story confirming a 2 min simple approach.  Then I read a post here, see the nasa post, read it - language just screamed out at me.  Do you realize putting those 2 stories together without mine in the mix at all, Nasa just said in 2013 `they just told you millions will die, no power, volcanoes going off and mass earthquakes` how does that just go by like the weather(oh right extreme too).
 Too many coincidences in a such a short period of time for me.  That story might wake one person up, I`ll hope.

Something to consider I forgot:
 The positioning of the moon at the time of the quakes around the world, sometimes lines up, I don`t have the software or knowledge to pinpoint the center of the moon and draw a line to the center of the earth at the exact times they go off, see if the moon lines up on that side.  If someone thinks this may be of interest to pursue, then please do.  If it has a connection, imagine the detection method, using the sun and planets instead of traditional means.  On the other hand, might just be a `neat idea` to play with.

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Re: RT- Scientific Breakthrough
« Reply #4 on: August 01, 2011, 10:32:35 AM »
A while back, YowBarb and myself watched the correlation between solar activity, and quake/volcanic activity. We noticed that any and all of the following has an effect; solar wind, xrays, K index, and Bz(sun polarity). As we are seeing an uptick lately of these solar events, we are also seeing more 5.0+mag quakes and more volcanic eruptions. Shortly after we made the correlation, some scientists came out with a complicated formula, using these parameters, to come to the same conclusion we did. Now, if we could just figure out the cause of increasing solar activity...   ed


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Re: RT- Scientific Breakthrough
« Reply #5 on: August 01, 2011, 10:44:06 AM »
Here`s what I observe here, in the mountains(surrounded) where since before man clouds formed.  Now they look different when we are getting barraged.  My sky here looks like the ocean, I get long, hundreds of miles long streaks.  At sunset if the sun starts creating clouds around it, I hope you`ve seen this, I think it has alot to do with the mountains as well.  The sky fills late afternoon as the sun goes down.
 My logical viewpoint observing it is a light thin cloud is moving very high up and is 10 faster then any other clouds.  The winds increase during this time.  So to me, it makes sense that when the sun is going down the rays are skimming across the atmosphere like you would a ball and your palm.  This is normal now, so what about a stronger strike, that is the 250 mile an hour winds you hear about, again it makes sense, especially watching and feeling it happen in realtime.  I am trying to have a realtime monitor(my eyes) from using a journal and observing.  Not always going to have the web to see it.
If you follow the solar flares then you notice stereo B just went through what might be a lightning bolt, I assume they know.  Think I`ll pop the battery leads off on the 10th, thinks this one is too small but like 7 billion others, its my first time.   :)


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