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Author Topic: To All! Please Look at This!  (Read 2883 times)


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To All! Please Look at This!
« on: July 16, 2011, 03:57:16 AM »
Greetings to all Townhallers!

Kind salutations to Marshall, YowBarb, Lori, Ed cj, et al!

I haven't been around for a while, but I have been following you all in the background.

I would like to invite you all to take notice of a petition, "Severe Space Weather Petition" proposed by Bright Garlick and backed by Colin Andrews, and possibly, if you agree with the content, sign it.

Here is just a quick into:

Hello my friends. I am just an ordinary man. I have a family and I love life. 4 years ago I had a rare
form of kidney cancer (I was patient number  56) and lost my left kidney. Now cancer has returned with
at least 4 new tumors. I must do everything within my capacity, to heal. My cancer is slow growing but
aggressive. I could die in less than a year or live another 20. From a medical point of view it is unclear
what will happen. From a spiritual point of view, I feel more alive now, than ever. I don't know what will
happen to me. My greatest concern is for my family and for my planet.

I am a lifelong alien experiencer. I have gone from feeling like a piece of meat when I was 'abducted' to
feeling like a privileged human being who has regular 'contact' with beings not of this world. In addition
to a long interest in aliens and UFOs, I have also been interested in the relationship that Earth has to
the Sun.

About 10 years ago, I learned and realized that the Earth and the Sun (and the other planets) are in a
constant energetic tango, like 2 knights jousting. Then in 2008/2009 I learned about the National
Research Council of the National Academies workshop report Space Weather Events - Understanding
Societal and Economic Impacts. I read the entire report and realized that my feelings about the Sun
and it's potential to catastrophically alter life on Earth (particularly human life) by wiping out the world's
electrical grids, were justified. While the report never actually says that millions of people could die,
you can read that between the lines. Logically, that is impossible not to see.

When I learned that cancer had come back, I knew instantly that I could no longer wait for others to act
and that I had to do something to wake people up. Hence the petition below.

Now it may be that The Powers That Be - who I believe have seen this catastrophe coming; would like
to allow it to happen, as a kind of natural population control. But I think many of them would prefer that
not to be the case. And yes, while we need serious change and we do have major population
problems; I do not wish to see the suffering of millions or billions - in a legacy of pain that could last
generations. There must be other ways to solve our population problems and bring about widespread
systemic change.

I have a new struggle now. But I love this Earth, just as I love life. Humans really piss me off sometimes
and I feel like we are the most stupid species in the universe. But I am a human being. I suffer like you.
I care for all life on this planet and do not wish to see suffering that could be prevented. I couldn't go
to my grave, knowing that I could have done something and I didn't.

It's been hard for me to find a well known person who would take this issue seriously. But to Colin's
credit, he said YES WITHOUT HESITATION. Colin is putting his own hard earned reputation on the
line, to help someone he hasn't ever met in person ! That shows me how much Colin cares about
people !

Maybe I'm wrong about the whole thing and it will blow over like Y2K (although that cost a lot of money
in preparation) but I don't want to take that risk. So I urge you, please read this petition and get
acquainted with the facts. Make up your own mind and if you agree, please put your name down. If
you would like to support this project in any way, please do not hesitate to contact Colin or myself
( . I am only one person - a few extra hands and hearts would be greatly

We are all one my brothers and my sisters -  we are all one. One small blue dot hurtling through
space. Let us act as one, for the greater good.

May you all be well,

Bright Garlick.

Follow the link to see Colin's comments and data:

It would be great if Marshall could support this effort as well!


Aileen Paschall alias "Aijalon"

(edit: Fixed a dyslexic slip-up- lol)
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Re: To All! Please Look at This!
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2011, 02:11:00 AM »
hi aileen,

well...hmmmm.  where do i start. its a bit of a Pandora's box you have opened up there.

It all hinges around scalar energy research which at best is groundbreaking and at worst smoke and mirrors.  Personally i hope that the aether does exist and when we find it a whole "new" science is going to break out.

This is well above my pay grade so any comments i could leave would be on a very limited understanding.  The article seems to suggest that the author has set up a system to detect superluminal  activity and has a reference to measure that activity against.  The measurements taken then indicate a reduction of superluminal activity which would have a direct effect of Telluric EM currents.

Unless ive missed something there are too many assumptions in a theoretical field of research that lead to the predicted outcome of the earths magnetic field collapsing.

One certainty is that if this is true then every living organism on the planet will die, and i'm not too sure what we could do about it. 

Should we petition the power companies to be more aware of a threat to the grid form solar storms - yes absolutely.  Should we be prepared for long term power outages - Yes definitely.  Should we be worried about the decrease in a theoretical wave propergated superluminally in a meadia which may or may not exist - i would put that on the back burner for now.

Saying that, i find everything like this fascinating.  If you know the author i would suggest he publishes his findings so they can be examined more thoroughly.  He could even post up on BAUT, there are some really knowledgable people over there.




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