Sinai Triangle and Planet X

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Sinai Triangle pt1

I had to break this into multiple parts because of the Town Hall 2,000 word limit.
These 2 posts are showing how Planet X enabled the Israelite crossing to happen.

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Disclaimer: All credit goes to God, the mistakes are mine.

This Paper is contrived from a list of emails put together that I have sent out to the Church of God over the past 7 months from whom I support.

I put this together in Dec 2010. This Sinai Triangle is a contact message to Humanity.
This is the Primmer to mans looking up to the sky wondering how, what, where, and why.
This has never been known to this planet and with this correlation to Sacred Geometry. For the first time Biblical scriptures connects Geometry with physical and provable locations of the Exodus and how they crossed. The understanding of how it was done within this 3,500 year old secret now revealed and its relation to mankind today and the heavens above has now been deciphered.

The geometry shown in this paper links to geometry related structures on the Earth, Moon and Mars, etc. that also have 19.5*, 60*, and 90* relation between them and within. Until now this planet as a whole has believed in Aliens creating civilizations here on Earth and abroad or the beliefs of nothing at all out there besides Earth what so ever this Sinai Triangle proves that the Biblical Creator and the Angelic Realm not Aliens/ET created these structures, however this also proves the Angelic beings are also much more capable of realistic physical capabilities by the use of manifested/engineered/created humanoid forms with physical heavenly bodies. Those who do not understand the Bible on deeper planes may have problems with this as will those who believe in Aliens/ET will as well, however the issues between them will differ due to those core beliefs. Both religion and Alien/ET concepts are wrong however both viewpoints have keys of truth that the other does not. Interesting how the mind of man works. These good or evil “Angelic driven Avatars” which the world calls Aliens/ET are those who built those non human built structures not only on this planet but off planet have the ability to be far more real so to speak than what man has been taught through the corrupted teachings of “Traditional Christianity, Messianic Judaism” and other mainstream religions which includes Alien conspiracies.

This Paper is to be as short but detailed as possible and is written to be read without pictures or diagrams, however there will be 2 sent out to various blogs with/without picture ability depending on blog parameters. Nothing word wise will change.

This Paper is to the world. Not to enrich my pocket through writing a book nor is there enough time to publish one.

The late Ron Wyatt’s research, archaeology excursions are supported in this paper.
His websites and related videos are mentioned and linked below.

Books read relating to this paper.
2.Strong’s Concordance
3.2008 Gods Final Witness-Ronald Weinland
4.The Discovery of Mount Sinai-Larry Williams/David Fasold
5.Joshua’s Long Day-C.A.L. Totten, M.A
6.Worlds in Collision-Immanuel Velikovsky
7.Ages in Chaos-Immanuel Velikovsky
8.Pole Shift-John White
9.The Return of Planet X-Jason Q. Rand
10.The Day Behemoth & Leviathan Died-David Allen Deal
11.The Monuments of Mars-Richard C. Hoagland
12.Dark Mission-Richard. C. Hoagland/Mike Bara
(13.Cataclysm-D.S. Allan & J.B. Delair
14.Lost Star of Myth and Time Walter Cruttendon
Read these two books after I wrote the paper.)

Websites of other researchers and videos related to this paper.

Ron Wyatt’s websites
YouTube Video-Revealing God’s Treasure - Red Sea Crossing
YouTube Video-Revealing God’s Treasure - Mt. Sinai
YouTube Video-The waters Cleaved 5 Part video.
Official website.
YouTube Video-Encounters with the Unexplained - Secrets of the Bible Code 2 of 9
Website of David Allen Deal. Naxuan

You will need a Mediterranean Map, Protractor, Pencil, and Ruler.
The specific map I have used is a National Geographic Eastern Mediterranean map that you can buy online from the National Geographic webpage.

Listed below are the Coordinates.

(Green Lines) 60* Triangle
1.Jerusalem-Bethlehem-Jabal al Lawz
2.Jabal al Lawz-Uyun Musa “Springs of Moses”-Egypt (Line in Egypt will X cross lower line)
3.Jerusalem-Bet Guvrin-Eglon-Egypt (Line in Egypt will X cross middle line)
Yes “X” actually marks the spot, Egypt

(Blue Lines) 19.5* Exodus related lines
4.Uyun Musa-El Thamad
5.El Thamad-Nuweiba
6.El Thamad-Jabal al Lawz
7.Jabal al Lawz-Elat

(Yellow Lines)19.5* Non Exodus related lines
1.Uyun Musa-Petra
2.Uyun Musa-Bir Hasana (Location of a well where the line runs through the mountain range where alternate Mt. Sinai’s including Jabal Yelloq is located.)
3.Uyun Musa-Bir Gifgafa (Airfield- alternate Rephidim)
4.Uyun Musa-Bir el Qanadil (Well on Biblical Philistine road located at 33.12* Longitude)
5.Uyun Musa-Romani “Roman settlement”
6.Uyun Musa-Serabit al Khadim”Temple of Hathor”-Gebel Musa. “St.Katherine Monastery”
7.Jerusalem-Gebel Musa “St.Katherine Monastery”

(Red Line) 90* line
8.Uyun Musa-Jerusalem

(Insert picture of Sinai Triangle)

(Insert Fig 1-8 Hoagland's Cydonia "Geometric Relationship Model" from the book Dark Mission pg90)

Im not going to even address different theories on how the Israelites went about the Exodus.
There is no point because if you see this massive connect the dots Elephant in the room any other theory that is contrary to what you see in front of you this giant Sinai elephant Triangle and all those 19.5* lines disappears.

There is no way around this.
Either accept this impossible chance of odds and its correlation of exact locations with Sacred Geometry and Biblical scriptures or completely deny it all together.
In other words what is shown here is impossible without an in-depth amount planning by a higher power over mankind's affairs.

You cant make this stuff up.

I won’t go into more than needed detail on the path taken because this Sinai Triangle supports Ron Wyatt's and only Ron Wyatt’s work. To be fair, I do not care of whom is right or wrong I care about what is right or wrong. No one person is being taken as a favorite. Ron Wyatt does not own the truth. Ron Wyatt just found it. Hats off to the other researchers regardless. To those who have put many hours of dedication and time into trying to prove what this world has denied for so long to believe in. Much respect and thanks to you...It is what it is, no more and no less.

Much of what Wyatt covers is in agreement with this paper with exception of a few discrepancies. The major one is his belief that the Israelites are the Hyscos and the other is his belief in the Official Pharaoh Timeline. There is a good deal of intriguing evidence that the Hyscos were the Amalekite Shepard kings that invaded Egypt after the Exodus crossing because Egypt was now left defenseles.

In order to get the full aspect of this paper, the reader must review the work of Ron Wyatt’s detail of the Exodus. Wyatt however never nor anyone for that matter has figured out how the Israelites crossed till now.

Here it is in short form.

Right after Passover the Israelites congregated at Uyun Musa “Springs of Moses”.
Looking at a map it is on the right side of the northern tip of the Gulf of Suez.
This is the Succoth of the Bible.
Ron Wyatt covers the whole exodus route in his website and videos regarding this.
There is no need for me to go into detail on something that has already been done.
Looking at the map you will notice that the 19.5* line from El Thamad-Nuweiba straddles a canyon between the two points. At Nuweiba this is a large sand beach with no way out and a fort. This is where they crossed. Wyatt’s research shows there was a large pillar artifact at each side of the crossing.

In case the reader is wondering why there are a few lines outside of the triangle that are 19.5* related but not directly Exodus related that is a good question.
Some are directly related some are indirectly.
This triangle is speaking so to speak.

Interesting issue with the St. Katherine line to Springs of Moses is if you put your protractor on that line and the center point at Springs of Moses 40* from that point is exactly on the 19.5* Rome line which is outside of the perfect 60* triangle and if you count back the 19.5* lines there are 7 lines from Rome to the false St. Katherine monastery. 40 being a number of judgement in the Bible and 7  along with the number 12 signifies completion/perfection you 7x40= 280. Rome has been judged completely false by numbers and also being outside the perfect 60* triangle that supports the archaeological findings or Ron Wyatt and the red line from the St.Katherine line at the Springs of Moses is a 90* line back to Jerusalem as listed above which 90* geometry signifies man made structures.

The 33.12 line speaks out to the Templar beliefs that went the way of the heathen Philistines which the Bible accounts to not taking the northern Philistine road in Exodus which the Templar faith is directly linked to. Again this line is out of the triangle and sits on 33* which again sits on the road the philistine road with the .12 which again means completely not going the way God commanded.

I personally don't have an issue with the peoples within the Vatican nor the Templars. I personally have an issue with the corrupt institutions and their belief systems.

Note: Jabal al Laws is guarded in a military fashion with a fence and a guard house. According to accounts by Wyatt and his sons they were arrested by the Saudi Government and were not treated well because of their expedition regarding this place in question which Larry Williams mentions that his book has been banned by the Saudi Government. He also mentions on pg164 that the reason why the Vatican picked their current location was because of a “psychic/seer” which correlates with Wyatt’s research stating that Constantine dreamed of it and Helena chose the site.  Now thats some good quality archaeology work...

Moving on to the Gulf of Aqaba.

Of all the crossings mentioned by researchers this seems the most impossible.
Thats because it is impossible.
Unless the impossible happens.

Planet X

As I wrote to on this issue I commented that “I do not doubt the word of God, I doubt the word of Scribes.” This is the biggest issue so to speak that has hindered mankind's understanding of how the Israelites crossed.
What if the “wall” of water wasn't “wall” at all.
What if it was something else originally and then some scribe replaced the original word with the current word “wall” now believed by the whole world.
The reason why will be explained.

The Bible has been translated many times, sometimes mis-translated purposefully for whomever’s own religious tradition like Easter for instance which is not Biblically accurate what so ever, Easter has been substituted on purpose for the correct Greek word Pascha (passover). If you wish you can double check what is below by doing a google search (Strong’s concordance, Easter).

Acts 12:4
4And when he had apprehendedG4084 him, he putG5087 him in prisonG5438, and deliveredG3860 him to fourG5064 quaternionsG5069 of soldiersG4757 to keepG5442 him; intendingG1011 afterG3326 EasterG3957 to bringG321 him forthG321 to the peopleG2992.

Of Chaldee origin (compare [ H6453 ]); the Passover (the meal, the day, the festival or the special sacrifices connected with it):—Easter, Passover.

I am stating here it may be entirely plausible that this word “Wall” is a mis-translation because of two possibilities.
1. Unintentionally mistranslated because the translator didn't understand the concept of the crossing which this paper will show in detail why the person transcribing the scriptures didn’t understand the cosmic events that had a direct involvement with Earth because those factors were not understood at that time so in return the scribe in question may have thought that the original manuscripts were in error.
2.Intentionally translated, like Easter to keep the truth of how it was done for what ever reason as secret. This world is exceptionally evil and as we all know evil rules this planet and truth is its enemy.
I believe either is possible.

This paper has been created twofold.
Inspiration/insight mixed with good old fashion homework.
All this was done in my head and a little Google Earth. Thats it.
No one else has helped nor contributed any thing what so ever in its development.
As I said before in the Disclaimer.
All credit goes to God, the mistakes are mine.

Lets get on with it.

Regardless of whom is saying Planet X/Nibiru/ELEnin/Wormwood/Destroyer/Brown Dwarf/Betelgeuse/Lost Star/Dark Star/etc. is, it is something big. I have no doubt in time this heavenly body(s) will reveal itself more from now through next Summer and more and more people will come together with more refined intel about it. I am going to use Planet X not because that is what I am saying it is, The name Planet X is called Planet X because it is the most general description of an unknown heavenly body.

Again regardless if this planet sized object(s) came from the Leo constellation or the South Pole region or perhaps even possibly there may be heavenly bodies coming from both directions.
In this paper it’s actual origin is irrelevant to its impact on this planet, however both are on an ecliptic orbit none the less. This paper proves it happened before, it will happen again.

In this paper Down is Up & Up is Down prior to the Crossing.
Understanding of this makes all the difference in the world.

Going back to the Biblical Flood which science of this deceived world cannot explain because it is based on lies and thus fundamentally flawed so you need to start over with everything. Science in its true form is pursuit of Truth not Dogma of non change which this supposedly called higher learning sadly teaches. For those who have letters attached to your name keep in mind I am not saying all education is mis/dis-education, however if the core concept is in error the end concept will also be in error. Cause and Effect. I am saying however a good deal of higher learning is mis/dis-education. This topic alone would be a paper in itself.

There has been 1 Pole shift since Adam. Again this topic is Biblical based not Darwin Based so if you have issues with this Paper that is because what is covered is based on catastrophism. If this contradict’s your Darwin based timeline ask yourself who runs this world and whom do they serve. They do not hold the Bible in to high regards thus they do not teach Biblical accurate history nor science. None of them do.

In short the Pole shift that was previously known to man existed in the Hudson Bay area in Canada then moved to a point over the Atlantic rim of fire southeast of Greenland.
Im saying that pole never moved until the Biblical Dial of Ahaz that occurred during the time just prior to the downfall of Israel’s Northern Kingdom in 720bc. Then the pole finally moved up to its current location today roughly 2,400 years ago.
I will highlight over this in some detail later on.
We have had an axis flip multiple times however.

Back to Greenland.
As I mentioned this has to do with the Biblical Flood and the Video “The Waters Cleaved” listed above explains this. As the world originally was Pangea, Atlantis, Mu, etc, the Flood caused the continents to move as far out as they are in one year. Since it moved so fast this is the reason why most believe there has been a pole shift. There was never time to magnetize the basalt floor between the continents. If you move the continents together the Hudson bay pole would sit over the Greenland pole. This is the simple explanation and the video shows how.

Keeping in mind the planet was upside down, place the Greenland pole position as the South pole with the Gulf of Suez for the most part pointing almost straight up in front of you while looking onto it. Now the events of the Exodus can be taken seriously and Strong’s Concordance comes into play. For those who do not know what this book is, it is a dictionary of Numbered Hebrew and Greek words with definitions. There are other books that are similar to Strong’s like Thayer’s for instance however Strong’s is the most popular to use. The difference is like comparing a Webster dictionary to an Oxford dictionary, basically the same but some variances in wording.
If you wish to go further grab a Brown Driver and Briggs lexicon for instance.

I am not going over details on how much of influence Planet X had to do with the Biblical plagues but I have no doubt it was a contributor from minor to major in one way or another. I do have high doubts however that the 10th plague had anything to do with Planet X.

In addition for the sake of the reader I am not going into detail on how I devised this outcome for the sake of reading time. I will jump to the meat of it all but still show minimal homework for your own reference. Also I will be using KJV Bible with Strong’s numbers for reference and then cut and paste the definitions of those words in question.

{Insert Picture of upside down Google earth at Greenland Pole position}

Sinai Triangle pt2

Looking up at the picture or if you are just reading the non picture version I mentioned there were two massive holes in the ground. One 3,000ft deep and another 5,000ft deep.
The Israelites didn't cross with “WALL’s” of water on each side they crossed with “WELL’s” of water on each side. Two massive holes in the ground that opened up or got bigger because of crustal shifts from the crossing of this Planet X. This enabled a toilet bowl effect of swirling/whirling waters to recede 800+ feet needed for the Crossing of peoples to take place.
To take this even further even if the word was “wall” Looking into Strong’s Concordance “wall” also means joined and waters “joined” (onto/upto) can still hold merit to the receding water table after it descends 800ft. Regardless if the word “wall” is correctly translated, this can still take place.

Feminine active participle of an unused root apparently meaning to join; a wall of protection:—wall, walled.

Taking a look at the KJV that mention of the crossing.

21And MosesH4872 stretchedH5186 out his handH3027 overH5921 the seaH3220; and the LORDH3068 caused the seaH3220 to goH3212 back by a strongH5794 eastH6921 windH7307 allH3605 that nightH3915, and madeH7760 the seaH3220 dryH2724 land, and the watersH4325 were dividedH1234.
22And the childrenH1121 of IsraelH3478 wentH935 into the midstH8432 of the seaH3220 upon the dryH3004 ground: and the watersH4325 were a wallH2346 unto them on their rightH3225 handH3225, and on their leftH8040.

Looking at the word “GO” in Strong’s Concordance different words of  “GO” are addressed.
Two in particular are Vanish & Whirl which are located in H3212 and H1980.

A primitive root (compare H1980 ); to walk (literally or figuratively); causatively to carry (in various senses):— X again, away, bear, bring, carry (away), come (away), depart, flow, + follow (-ing), get (away, hence, him), (cause to, make) go (away, -ing, -ne, one’s way, out), grow, lead (forth), let down, march, prosper, + pursue, cause to run, spread, take away ([-journey]), vanish, (cause to) walk (-ing), wax, X be weak.

Now look at H1980 below that Strong compares to in the above H3212.

Akin to H3212 ; a primitive root; to walk (in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively):—(all) along, apace, behave (self), come, (on) continually, be conversant, depart, + be eased, enter, exercise (self), + follow, forth, forward, get, go (about, abroad, along, away, forward, on, out, up and down), + greater, grow, be wont to haunt, lead, march, X more and more, move (self), needs, on, pass (away), be at the point, quite, run (along), + send, speedily, spread, still, surely, + tale-bearer, + travel (-ler), walk (abroad, on, to and fro, up and down, to places), wander, wax, [way-] faring man, X be weak, whirl.

Looking back at the Al-Arish it talked about whirling waters.

Thinking differently and re-addressing this from a different angle, re-read those few scriptures and you can see that the waters could very well go/vanish/whirl and by the water table receding into 2 massive holes opening up from below and the land between the two Deeps the water can indeed separate/divide/join (onto/upto) on the right and on the left.

Below is Immanuel transcription of the incident.
Part of the El-Arish manuscripts, Ages in Chaos pg42

"Now when the Majesty of Ra-Harmachis [Harakhti] fought with the evil-doers in this pool, the place of the whirlpool, the evil-doers prevailed not over his Majesty. His Majesty leapt into the so-called place of the whirlpool."

Here is the Scripture with the word “well” in place.

21And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to (Go/Vanish/Whirl) by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.22And the children of Israel went into the (Midst/Center) of the sea upon the dry ground: and the waters were (Wells) onto them on their right hand, and on their left.
27And Moses stretched forth his hand over the sea, and the sea returned to his (Strength/Permanent level) when the morning appeared; and the Egyptians fled against it; and the LORD overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the sea.28And the waters returned, and covered the chariots, and the horsemen, and all the host of Pharaoh that came into the sea after them; there remained not so much as one of them.

Do you see the dilemma and the extremely high possibility of the word “Well” being an issue?

And now you know how they crossed.
There is still more.

Since the water table dropped 800+ft wouldn't that create a problem with more water rushing in? Sure it would and thats where more homework comes in to play.
Reading accounts from different books and researchers the Straight of Turan is a natural sand bar that Napoleon tried to cross. Also keep in mind there was a Hurricane/Strong eastern wind happening at this time. This was the wind that dried the ground may have also helped keep the waters at bay on this natural dam.

With its location now as the World is upside down an eastern wind can now blow across it helping to aid in the dam effect. Now the video “Secrets of the Bible Code pt2” linked above proposes that the Israelites crossed with this theory but if you notice the massive amounts or wind needed to enable that much water to keep away and at such a large area the amount of wind velocity would be comparable to sticking a 200mph leaf blower in a gutter and see all the debris fly out. Also noting if Earth was at its todays rotation the wind would blow against the Israelites crossing. The upside down Earth axis position of the Exodus would enable the wind be at the Israelites back having an invisible hand so to speak to help ease and hurry along the massive amounts of people. Im sure the reader can agree its much easer to walk or run with the wind than against it.

In the video “secrets of the Bible Code pt2” it shows the details of how this works, the error was how it was applied. However much thanks for this piece of information. To the reader this is how I view people and researchers wether or not they are right or wrong in the end. The people in this video for instance are wrong in their view on how “exactly” the Israelites crossed but however they did come across and figure out one of the pieces of the overall puzzle to how the Israelites did cross. This is why I mention I don’t care “whom” is right or wrong. I care about “what” is right or wrong.

This isn’t about ego or prestige.
This is about The Plain Truth.
No more,No less.

However still not done yet.
There are ancient accounts of world flooding. Not the Flood of Noah but Tidal flooding.
Which takes us to the movie Deep Impact. A massive tidal wave like in that movie occurred during the crossing. When this planet came into immediate contact and Planet X started to go back out again it grabbed hold of the Earth’s magnetic field and started to pull this planet and flip it against its natural rotation.
This is how the waters as well drew back as at the same time creating the tidal wave effect which was shown in that movie. A tidal wave moved many miles inland. This is the where,when, and how those ancient Chinese manuscripts including other places throughout the world recorded the details of massive floods that took place 3,500 years ago, which took them many years digging channels to recede the flood waters that were trapped inland.

Once Earth did its 180* flip the momentum of the earth stopped and the waters started to slosh the other way back to its original shores to create a smaller tidal flooding however this time not nearly as severe. Regardless there are ancient accounts of this back flooding as well. The book “The Return of Planet X” listed above covers many of those detailed accounts that are mentioned here. The sloshing action of the waters broke over the sand bar of Turan, filling back in previous 800ft of lowered water and rose back to its previous Strength/Permanent level killing Pharaohs army.

That sand bar of Turan was actually a safety buffer to keep the rushing waters from over flooding in the gulf of Aqaba. If that natural sand bar was not there the Israelites probably would have been wiped out regardless if they crossed safely.
This is why this exact point of crossing is so vitally important.

Im going to leave out the Final trip to Mt Sinai. Wyatt covers this. What I am going to cover is Rephidim’s water. As addressed crustal shifts occurred, the waters went underground and the waters that returned raised the water table to its original level which pressurized the underground water caverns that were just created. Heat from the earth and pressure from the upper water table acted like a natural distiller and percolated the waters up to the Rephidim Rock in which Moses taped his stick upon as the Eternal had instructed and waters came out as a natural salt free hot spring.

I do not believe the Eternal does this abracadabra and hocus-pocus stuff like most people who have been deceived into believing this false dumbed down mainstream cookie cutter programming con-job religion that at least 2.4 billion people on this planet have taken hook line and sinker and this paper proves it. Nor do I believe in false ideas and concepts that reject the Bible being real but just see it as a conglomerate of cute stories to live by because their minds are to simple to grasp the deeper meanings of it. The Bible is real and this Sinai Triangle proves it.


This is much harder and involves much more in-depth interaction of Humans, Angles and Natural Phenomena to make this impossible by odds occurrence possible.

If you were the Creator of Worlds, and you existed on much higher planes of existence than everyone else wouldn't you want to do things on a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, multi-race, multi-cultural, interesting/hard way and at the same time putting your stamp of “I did that” in a manner that it would utterly subtle at first but when the dots are connected or the puzzle comes together it ends up to become completely in your face to utterly mind-blow those who came across it out millennia's later and to those whom they give it to?
Or, would you the reader rather hold on to the same old dumbed down boring False Mainstream Religion “Ta-Daa!” bunny out of the hat trick?

If so keep observing Easter.

Joshua’s Long Day
If you haven't noticed yet the top line of the Sinai Triangle doesn't have anything to do with the Exodus. It has to do with another Biblical account 40 years later, “Joshua’s Long Day”.
If you notice Eglon and Bet Guvrin are on that line. Eglon was a king-state at that time and that city now in ruins had been one of the 5 king coalition army that hid in a series of caves at Bet Guvrin when Venus passed by and flipped Earth in a full 360* axis flip with the planets normal rotation this time giving the Israelites that full day of sunlight as well as a meteor shower that the Earth sucked from Venus to itself from its greater Gravity well that decimated the opposing armies in the valley just north of its location. Do you think Werner Van Brown of NASA was the only man that knew how to sling kinetic objects around other planetary objects for the full intent to land those objects at a specific spot? Who do you think came up with the original concept?
All on this Sinai Triangle.  Again you cant get around this, accept it or deny it it.
Your choice.

Last Planetary issue to address is Mars. Now this planet does not have anything to do with this Triangle, at least that I know of yet. But its closest passing to earth in the ancient accounts may have been possible. Regardless if it was Mars or not, the Bible gives accounts of King Ahaz’s dial going back 10* or 40 minutes according to pg 62 in the book by Totten  “Joshua’s Long Day”.


10And HezekiahH2396 answeredH559, It is a lightH7043 thing for the shadowH6738 to goH5186 downH5186 tenH6235 degreesH4609: nayH3808, but let the shadowH6738 returnH7725 backwardH322 tenH6235 degreesH4609.
11And IsaiahH3470 the prophetH5030 criedH7121 unto the LORDH3068: and he broughtH7725 the shadowH6738 tenH6235 degreesH4609 backwardH322, by whichH834 it had goneH3381 downH3381 in the dialH4609 of AhazH271.

No other account in Biblical history gives such a strong “invisible finger point” to provable planetary changes than right here when the Greenland pole moved to its current location and then Israel started to go into its drought during the time of Elijah which helped to weaken Northern Israel and then years later they went into exile due to the advancing Assyrian armies around 720bc. This is not the Exile of Judah. This is the Exile of the 10 Northern tribes of Israel roughly 140 years earlier.
Interesting Traditional Christianity does not teach of this major account.
There are reasons why...

My other Paper “Family Ties (The Nazi/Templar connection) goes into greater detail with the migrations of Israel which cosmically started here.

Moving on.
Up till after the Dial of Ahaz Europe was still in an Ice Age due to the Greenland pole position and when the pole shift happened the once temperate fertile crescent started to become non fertile and the European content that was once tundra now started to become temperate thus over a few hundred years allowed the gradual migration of the northern 10 Tribes of Israel to finally migrate into its current  location of Western Europe today while Assyria went into desolation as the Bible had prophesied in Zephaniah 2:13.

13And he will stretchH5186 out his handH3027 againstH5921 the northH6828, and destroyH6 AssyriaH804; and will makeH7760 NinevehH5210 a desolationH8077, and dryH6723 like a wildernessH4057.

The Eternal and the Angels also work much greater in-depth physically than we humans give them credit for and that is one of out greatest errors.

When this 10* change happened northern temperate Russia also went into a instant deepfreeze and the lovely Woolly Mammoths got their tootsies frozen solid with buttercups in their mouths instantly just like they are being dug up today. The movie The Day after Tomorrow shows in-essence what I am describing here.

Some Bible/non Bible believers say the Angels/Aliens have a sort of Prime Directive of keeping hands off the affairs of this planet. If you believe that then I have an Dip n Dot ice cream stand in the core of the sun I would love to sell you.

Finishing up.

Going back to Noah's Flood. The reason why I am addressing the Noah’s Ark issue is to plug it for later. Because it needs to be plugged.
I am not going into much detail on this subject because that is another paper in itself and David Allen Deal does a great job of going into great detail in this subject.
I am going to bring up one major issue most of this planet has overlooked.

Noah himself was a Giant. The “Ark imprint” that exists is roughly 550ft long. According to Biblical scriptures the Ark was 300 cubits long. Looking at the 3 different beliefs of the ancient cubit Noah can vary in height. Lets look at the 3 different possible measurements.

1.From the bend of the inside of fore-arm to bend of wrist.
2.Outside of fore-arm from elbow to bend of wrist.
3.Outside of elbow to tip of longest finger.

Regardless of each unit of measurement 550ft long divided by 300 is 1.8ft or 22in.
So for what ever cubit it was the end result was 22 in.
I am 6ft tall so do the math to scale and you will find he would have been anywhere from 7ft tall minimum using the #3 option above to 15ft maximum using option #1 above just like the Giant fossils being discovered thought the world.
Which sheds new light on this Anunnaki issue...

For more information on this topic go to David Allen Deal’s Naxuan and Ron Wyatt’s webpage as listed above.

(Insert Picture of  the imprint of Noah’s Ark resting place below & the Gilgamesh Wall of Heaven)

This Sinai Triangle has opened up the biggest find this earth has ever come across if you have the eyes to see the depth of it. Everything everyone has been taught to believe either by false religious views or false Alien/ET views, this Sinai Triangle addresses both overall concepts to be in error. Not all the intel is wrong, the overall concept is. If people will step back and try to get the big picture this Sinai Triangle is the key to it all. This Bible based Sinai Triangle in scope is the real message that the movie Contact addressed where H.R. Hadden gave Ele the Primmer hidden within the message that came from a booming voice in the sky to show what is true and false. This message was sent a long time ago and it has been here waiting for the past 3,500 years to be found.

Think Different...

(Update: 23 OCT 2011.
Thread called "Planet X, 3,500 or 12,000 year orbit. Which?" is an update of improvements to this paper. It can be read in the Planet X Town Hall Alfred Williams section.)

How does your paper tie into planet X?

whoooaaa there fisher ..slow down some, my eyes arent what they used to be.  Your paper seems to address more than one point

so your conjecture is that "This Sinai Triangle is a contact message to Humanity."
could you post up a conclusion to your conjecture and point out evidence in a slower manner so a simple soul like myslef could digest and ask questions.

you theory about "wells" not "walls" is interesting.  Myself i have always like the theory that the phrase was always misinterpreted and never meant to be "Red" or "Reed" but instead "stormy".  this would lead back to walls of water.   
and yes i agree the landbridge at nuweiba does look a likely crossing




--- Quote from: Kirt on July 17, 2011, 10:51:00 AM ---How does your paper tie into planet X?

--- End quote ---

Perhaps it would be wise to re-read the paper.


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