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Anarchy in Greece: The people fight back!

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The people are in revolution in Greece. They refuse to be sold into poverty and economic slavery.

The Greek government votes today on a new Bill to pass extreme austerity measures. The point being this money can never be paid back, and the people know it.

If, ahhh I mean when Greece defaults an economic Tsunami will circle the world, no country will be immune. Especially the bankers in Wall Street, London, Paris and Berlin.

Police give a demonstrator a good kicking:

This is not good... For some of us, life just started, i've just become a father of an adorable baby, I have a great job and earn enough money for the family...
Why do we need to pay for others mistake (bankers and speculators). While rich become more rich and the poor more poor, the domino effect is going to continue sweeping and nobody will be in a safe place... If not PX, the global economy, maybe the GLOBAL Economy is our PX after all LOL. We have disasters, wars, economy collapse, food shortage...and so on... Isn't it time for all of us to just stand up and show our outrage... Because who pays, we the people are the ones to pay for all the damages caused by those rulers.... Don't know where to start and how to spark this globally... We are all on the same boat, but most of us just want to care about our individuality...

May the gods bless our souls and pray that they will spare us in the coming blasts.

Hi Toscan

I'm with you. Greece should default they can never pay the money that is demanded by the bankers, and I mean never.

Here is a list of the latest austerity measures that about to be voted for 11:00 GMT

Tax increases include

• A solidarity levy: At 1% for those earning between €12,000 (£10,800) and €20,000 a year, 2% for incomes between €20,000 and €50,000, 3% for those on €50,000 to €100,000, and 4% for those earning €100,000 or more. Lawmakers and public office holders will pay a 5% rate.

• A lower tax-free threshold: People will now pay tax on income over €8,000 a year, down from €12,000. This basic rate of tax will be set at 10%, with exemptions for those under 30, over 65, and the disabled.

• Sales tax: The VAT rate for restaurants and bars is being hiked from 13% to the new top rate of 23%. This rate already covers many products in the shops, including clothing, alcohol, electronics goods and some professional services.

Spending cuts include:

• Public sector wages: Salaries will be reduced by 15%.

• The public sector wage bill: The goal is to cut 150,000 public sector jobs, through a hiring freeze and abolition of all temporary contracts. This should cut the total bill by €2bn by 2015.

• Social benefits and pensions: The retirement age is being raised to 65. Increased means testing, and cuts to some benefits, will reduce the total amount spend on benefits by €1.09bn in 2011, then €1.28bn in 2012, €1.03bn in 2013, €1.01bn in 2014 and €700m in 2015.

This is on top of austerity measures introduced last year, is it any wonder the people are rioting.

This is what the USA government fears. When the dollar collapses all hell will break loose, and instead of Greeks roaming the street with pick axe handles, we will have US citizens with automatic and semi automatic weapons.

Look back ~2012 years ago the rich were killing all of the poor ( in the Israel area) to stop the birth and return of the Messiah... now look at todays events...

The shame of it is CNN would rather play the Casey Anthony Trail 24/7 than show us about Greece.

I did see a blurb about 4 AM as I was getting ready for work but I think it was on FOX.


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