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William Shatner's Mysteries of the Gods (1977)


A lot of you may have seen this but i hadn't and maybe the younger audience would be interested.

Seemingly it was banned in the States.

Very interesting documentary from Captain James Tiberius Kirk. It wasn't just  Gene Roddenberry, that was ahead of his time. Yo go Captain.

Wow, William Shatner 30 years ago. Did you see the big colliers on the dress shirts? I remember those clothes and hair cuts. LOL
Good article I wish I would have seen it 30 years ago.

Yeah, that was a good show. He covered a wide variety of subjects in it and even had a
pretty good interview with the Woman that found one of the Crystal Skulls in existence.
That video summed up a lot of information !!!

I really liked it as well for the info as well as Captain Kirk in retro gear, (I don't know kllngon or anything like that but i did like star trek and Captain Kirk especially). I thought it covered  quite a lot of stuff in only 80+minutes including the Mitchell Hedges Skull. It only got uploaded to Youtube last year and seemingly it got banned. I thought it was interesting what the NASA guys said - you wouldn't get that now - to me it just shows you depends on who's doing the asking, what answers you get back then anyway. I thought the object in the drawing that they thought was a boomerang looked more like a Vuvuzela  (any soccer fans would remember this from the last World Cup in South Africa) and at the time of the World Cup i remember an English commentator showing the viewers pictures of  religious art that looked like a Vuvuzela instead of the usual trumpet of the Angels - just my take on that particular picture i am not saying that the boomerang wasn't of extra terristial origin just that picture looked more like a vuvuzela to me.

I know there have been loads of people that are ahead of their time and all that but that guy who observed the ufo beside the atomic plant DEFINITELY was as was a lot of them in that clip   ;) including Mr Shatner.

I watched the video, the best bit for me started at 1hr 11mins..... Lol

Can you imagine someone from NASA giving an interviews like that today?


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