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Planet X Where and When - Crop Circle Researcher and Radio Host Alan Steinfeld


Over the years, numerous Youtubers have tried to fix the location of Planet / Nibiru using popular Sky Programs such as Google Sky and so forth.  All of these fail to satisfy those demanding "X marks the spot" smoking gun proof. So is there such a thing?  Yes.

In July 2008, a massive 2-part formation, nearly the size of four soccer fields, appeared in Avebury, England.  Since it first appeared, the disinformation campaign waged to mislead those with an interest in this formation from determining the real message of Avebury 2008. 

The key to this message is a very special glyph within this formation and crop circle researcher and radio host Alan Steinfeld, publisher of the New Realities web site, actually walked this formation shortly after it fully formed and had a powerful experience upon entering this crucial glyph within the Avebury 2008 formation.  In this interview, he shares his first hand account in detail. 

This interview is of particular interest to those reading Crossing the Cusp: Surviving the Edgar Cayce Pole Shift, by host, Marshall Masters.  This is because this glyph is the smoking gun key of the most comprehensive decoding of prophetic messages, embedded within this first of a kind crop circle. 

That in early December 2012, every soul on the planet will see Planet X with the naked eye, and then we'll all know the truth of it. Regardless of whether we are prepared for that truth - or not.

Listening now.


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