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Crop Circle Documentary, Producer Suzanne Taylor

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Does anyone (admin or Mod) has anymore info on the interview with Suzanne Taylor last night. Download didn't completed the show. And Yes, I know show was hack.  I'm curious to understand why Suzanne interview hit a hard spot.


Hacker caller has a audio demeanor and steady tone that is very similar to William Fichtner.

I went to get a cup of coffee around the time that the caller called in. I missed all that and when I got back
the talk on the show was about people that call into shows and try to distract the interview. Then the
Show went South. I really wanted to hear about the interpretation of Crop Circles.

Heres her website.

Maybe this will help.

Thank Aseekertoo and Lori,

I find it odd that they attack the show, and not the website. I wonder if UFO is a bigger secret then planetx? To me really they are all in the same category. Maybe is easier to attack a woman than a man. Also, it seems that the hacker got a script going and he just going on and on without stopping. A lot of the things he said were said to confuse you and make you counter-dick your conclusion.

I guess these special groups of individuals are protecting us from the ugly TRUE that may hurt.  Alien and Plant X, what are we thinking. I'm sooooooo SCARE. What bunch heros they are.

Anyhow, great show.



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