Solar Storms, CME's, Magnetic Rope Discovery, the "Killshot"

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Back in 2005, Ed Dames, ex govt remote viewer and now teacher and corporate researcher released a video called "The Killshot" Basically he said a large planet sized object would pass near the earth and create "an electrical connection" when in between the earth and sun that would trigger a coronal mass ejection of such magnitude that our atmosphere could not shield us and would "come down to the ground." He went on to mention other earth changes that would result from gravitational impact of the object - axis shift, volcanism, earthquakes, and tsnamis. Recently an article was released on that announced the discovery of "magnetic ropes" on the sun. It says:

"Because of the twisting, a strong electric current can be carried by the magnetic rope. Theoretically, the electric current could produce enough electromagnetic force to overcome the overlying constraining force from other field lines and power the magnetic rope to move outward."

If this the case then the electrical connection made by the passing object as Ed Dames describes could "pull the rope outward" and send the CME toward earth. Almost like laser targeting. This could support this remote viewing observation and dire consequences for earth. Please view his video on You Tube by searching for "Ed Dames the Killshot"

On a side note he said this would happen shortly after a space shuttle is forced down early in its mission by a meteor shower. The last shuttle is scheduled to launch July 8th. He said be in a safe zone when this happens and these safe zone areas were in the 40 to 60 degree latitude area and away from coast lines.

Right on Mex. I remember when Ed Dames made this prediction or should I say a recounting of what
he Remote Viewed to happen. Been keeping my eye out for the information he related to happen. The
fact that there is only one more Shuttle flight narrows down the time frame for it.  :)
  Even if it doesn't happen I still will not discount remote viewing 100% because the idea of ESP or gaining
information from the Universal Information Timeline has been around for a long long time. Somehow, someway,
gifted people can get future information. Problem is, they are not 100% accurate.



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