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Advanced Community Planning Series #4: Quick Setup 2012 Survival Domes


Advanced Community Planning Series #4: Quick Setup 2012 Survival Domes - Michael Maxon and Linda Schiller-Hanna

Although most people in the mainstream are still reticent about making a serious commitment to surviving the difficult years ahead, the wealthy are not.

This according to Daniel Dean CEO and chief engineer for Greenland Energy Dynamics, a highly successful alternative energy products company, based in Dallas, Texas.

He's seeing an explosive demand for subterranean survival bunkers, where the typical starter bunker starts at $500,000. More expensive ones, are completely self-sufficient, underground luxury condominiums.

So why are the wealthy spending this money? Because they have access to political connections in Washington, and what they're essentially hearing is 'prepare now as this is your last chance.'

However, what about those of us in the mainstream and those of us who want to join with others to form survival communities? Is there something we can afford that is just as good? Absolutely, and that is the point of this latest program in the Advanced Community Planning Series (ACP).


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