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Unable to find anything  other than this: Posted on March 18, 2008

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was blasted in both judicial and congressional forums for closing seven of its libraries over the past several years. In a Feb. 15 ruling, a federal arbitrator found EPA guilty of unfair labor practices with respect to the closings. One month later, Congress heard testimony from several sources, including the Government Accountability Office (GAO), that EPA's library restructuring plan was poorly conceived, planned, and implemented.

Closed Libraries

Since 2004, six of the original 26 EPA libraries have been closed, One remains unstaffed, four others have reduced their hours, and one is scheduled to be consolidated in 2008. Looming budget cuts and apparent plans to digitize the agency's collections were catalysts for the reorganization. EPA began a series of studies in 2003 that evaluated the value of services and uses of the libraries, and in November 2005 created the Library Steering Committee, which was tasked with developing a plan for maintaining the quality of the library network on a restricted budget.....

Lots of "reason"  why....not so much on the when they'll be reopened, and no mentioned on the others. Keep looking. Inquiring minds wants to know.

OK here is a story from a few months ago. A dozen libraries in one area of North Carolina were scheduled to close in  April 2010, so that probably happened aready.
This is because of budget cuts. (Or is it?)
- Yowbarb...
Library Programs In Limbo After Closure Announcement

Posted: 10:46 pm EDT March 16, 2010
Updated: 12:13 pm EDT March 19, 2010

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s funding for 2010 will be reduced an additional $2 million before the end of June. Library officials said they will have to close 12 branches on April 3 because of the cuts.

The branches closing are: Mint Hill, Independence Regional, Morrison Regional, Scaleybark, Carmel, Belmont, Sugar Creek, Myers Park, Hickory Grove, Cornelius, Beatties Ford and Checkit Outlet.

The $2 million cut comes on the heels of a $4 million reduction in county funds since January 2009.

A library spokesperson said the books from the affected branches will be filtered to other libraries, sold to raise money for the library or donated to charities. The equipment at the branches may also end up at an existing library, be sold for profit or donated.

Library leaders said they will meet soon to determine the fate of the programs, classes and events offered at the branches set to close in two weeks.

In addition to the closings, nearly 150 library employees countywide will get laid off.

Eyewitness News talked to a former library employee, Seth Allen, who said library and county leaders should have made cuts starting at the top.

“It’s not fair that so many administrators get compensated well and yet the front line staff are the ones that get cut," Allen said.

Leaders said they won't determine the fate of the buildings that house the libraries slated to close until after the 2011 budget is finalized in May. The county will still be responsible for maintaining the buildings until a decision is made

Hi Yowbarb,
You said "OK here is a story from a few months ago. A dozen libraries in one area of North Carolina were scheduled to close in  April 2010, so that probably happened aready.  This is because of budget cuts. (Or is it?)"

I live there, exactly.  All the libraries are now operating on reduced hours, reduced days, and reduced staff.  The situation got a lot of local press and public reaction, and the county has a budget problem, so the reason was apparently just lack of funds.


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