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Mississippi River gets blame for giant 1811 quakes


Water is heavy and there is a lot of sitting on top of the New Madrid fault area now.  This article is well worth reading.

OurAmazingPlanet, July 28, 2010
Mississippi River gets blame for giant 1811 quakes

Unlike in the places where two pieces of the Earth's crust butt heads, an earthquake is unlikely to hit again anytime soon on the same faults in New Madrid, the study suggests. But other evidence may dispute this conclusion.

"The theory is certainly interesting enough to merit further consideration," Susan Hough, a geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey who was not involved with the work, told OurAmazingPlanet, but she added that geological evidence "suggests strongly" that a set of faults in the area has produced multiple earthquakes over the last 2,000 years (with quakes coming in roughly 500-year intervals), implying some regularity in these faults as well. More work is necessary to explain that, she said.

The study also suggests other faults in this zone may be close to failure and could erupt because of the sediment erosion, which means the danger zone could be more widespread than previously thought.

Another new one to me, have never heard of 200 yr old aftershocks  :o

Ooopsie :o :o

I knew a guy who thought earthquakes was due to oil drilling.  He thought by taking oil out of the ground, that pressure lessens in that area and eventually that would lead to earthquakes somewhere in the world.  He felt the oil was holding up the land.


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