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NEW MADRID: Largest Earthquake-Response Exercise In U.S. History


Reports such as these are to be taken very seriously.  This is a back channel report and given the current flooding along the Mississippi, the volume of water is substantial.  Keep in mind that when the reservoir behind a big dam is filled, the added weight triggers a lot of minor quakes.  However, in terms of comparison, the Mississippi is much bigger and covers a lot more area. 


Largest Earthquake-Response Exercise In U.S. History, May 21, 2011

Joint Air Operations Center stand-up part of National Level Exercise 2011
by Capt. John T. Stamm
123rd Airlift Wing Public Affairs

5/20/2011 - KENTUCKY AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Ky. (AFNS) -- Kentucky Air National Guard officials stood up a joint air operations center here May 16 to serve as the main command node for all of the state's fixed-wing and rotary aircraft that are participating in the largest earthquake-response exercise in U.S. history.

The week-long event, called National Level Exercise 2011, is designed to test the local, state and national response to a simulated earthquake along the New Madrid Fault. It includes participation from emergency responders in eight central states, the National Guard and multiple federal entities like the Department of Defense and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Kentucky's Joint Air Operations Center is supporting the exercise by prioritizing and allocating air assets for missions into affected areas across the commonwealth, transporting personnel and equipment, and providing aeromedical evacuation and search-and-rescue capabilities as appropriate, said Brig. Gen. Mark Kraus, who commands the JAOC and is Kentucky's Joint Forces Air

Thanks Marshall.

Ed Douglas:
It's strange in the fact that the Mississippi River is getting mo0re like the supposed map, afetr the New Madrid quake. If it keeps flooding, and I see no let up of the rain storms and tornadoes, the fault might not cause the river to be 50 to 100 miles wide, in places.   ed

I agree, however, I gotta thing it will recede to normal levels and not stay swollen as it is now. Unfortunately, I believe you are right Ed, more rain to come in the weeks ahead. Have you seen the photos of the homeowners that built their own levees around their houses? Amazing!

Ed Douglas:
The storms just keep forming west of Oklahoma and head east to northeast at this time. I don't know how we haven't flooded here in Ohio.   ed


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